Obama shows there’s no promise he won’t break

To the editor:

Barack Obama promised you a fresh approach to government, then he gave you Joe Biden.

He promised you no earmarks, then he gave you a stimulus package so laden in pork it oinked.

He promised you fiscal restraint and financial responsibility, then he set a new record for government spending.

He promised you transparency in government, then he sent a secret letter to Russia volunteering to abandon the European missile shield program (and our allies) in exchange for help in deterring Iran from developing nukes.

He promised you a new era of ethical government, then he appointed tax cheats and lobbyists to high offices in his administration.

He promised he would raise America’s image around the world, then he embarrassed our nation with his poor treatment of the heads of the governments of England and Brazil during their state visits.

Do you see a pattern here?

Ronnie Garner


Keeping fear alive

To the editor:

Recently, the first black attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder, called America “a nation of cowards” because its citizens don’t discuss race relations enough. The Review-Journal’s Glenn Cook then writes a column discussing the merits of UNLV’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (March 8).

Along comes Cedric Crear, chairman of the Board of Regents’ Diversity and Security Committee, in a March 11 letter to the editor, chastising Mr. Cook for having the gall to write about such matters in this day and age, complete with the accusation that Mr. Cook has a closed mind to these things.

Like the global warming zealots, the multicultural zealots have declared the discussion over, and nobody is allowed to disagree with them or even debate them.

Mr. Crear, people like you are the reason America is a nation of cowards when it comes to discussing the subject of race. It’s people like you who make Americans roll their eyes and say, “Geez, here we go again,” whenever some government official brings up the “dialogue on race” topic.

And it’s people like you who will ensure that we always have “fear, discrimination, favoritism and racism,” because your power — and a lot of paychecks — depend on keeping this stuff alive in American society.

Robert Glancy


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