Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Really?

To the editor:

Re: "Obama lauds Peace Prize, says work just started," Oct. 9:

To truly achieve world peace, decades, not months, of patient and tireless efforts are required to resolve the world’s many longstanding issues with diplomacy. President Obama, despite his best intentions, has had little time to develop and implement international diplomacy and thus in my opinion, was prematurely awarded this prize.

And, sadly, he now joins the ranks of "winners" such as Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat and Martti Ahtisaari, who really did little to promote peace, and in all cases only made matters worse globally.

It is obvious that the Nobel "Peace" prize committee is highly biased and political, which only denigrates the value and meaning of the award.

Michael Pravica



To the editor:

President Barack Obama has joined the ranks of notable Nobel Peace Prize winners — on the basis of an absolute zero accomplishments, beyond, of course, being our community-organizer-in-chief. Those notables include the terrorist Yasser Arafat, the functional moron Jimmy Carter, and the perpetrator of the global warming hoax Al Gore.

To complete this gallery of rogues we now need only to include that disbarred felon Bill Clinton.

I have no doubt the communists of the Nobel committee are getting ready to give the peace prize next year to either Mr. Clinton or posthumously to Mao — or perhaps to Kim Jong Il. Why not to Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid? Or maybe Waxman, Markey or Rangel.

Marc Jeric



To the editor:

I am appalled at the disrespect people in this country have shown for the president of the United States. Even Richard Nixon with the Watergate mess and George Bush with the Iraq mess-up had more respect shown them than this president.

I still feel it is more racial than political.

Everything President Obama attempts to do is criticized. I haven’t known anyone else attempt to bring about world peace by going into "enemy" countries to talk. That’s just one thing. He is not magic and cannot wave a wand to get us out of the deep hole the Bush administration has put us in. The naysayers, however, expected President Obama to wave his magic wand in his first 100 or 200 days in office and make everything great.

Now, all the talk will be about whether he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize. I say, emphatically, Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now, people, get on with your lives and stop bitching and moaning about every little thing the president does or does not do. He’s got your back, whether you choose to accept that or not.

T. Brooks



To the editor:

The announcement that President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize seems to confirm that America’s strength in the international community is on the wane.

Remember Jimmy Carter also won this award, and America has still not recovered from Mr. Carter’s weak policies and actions on behalf of America’s interests around the world.

One must now ask, how can this peace-prize-winning president ever make the decision to bolster troop levels in Afghanistan or finish production of deep penetrating "bunker buster" bombs that can be used to damage or destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities?

This Peace Prize is not awarded to people who are deeply committed to advancing the interests of their own nations. Rather it goes to those who are perceived to advance the interests of the international community. The two are clearly not the same, and are frequently in opposition to one another.

So far, President Obama has been long on pontificating visions for a better world, has reached out to Muslims, has withdrawn a missile defense shield from Eastern Europe and is now struggling with a critical decision to ramp up our military strength in Afghanistan. Does America have any doubts about where this decision is headed?

Bob Jack



To the editor:

The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama. Good for him.

I wonder, however, what he did to win that prestigious prize. I can’t think of anything he did that merits the award except maybe he was the first black man elected president in American history. If that was the case, we, the American voters who elected him, should be awarded that prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize lost its prestige a long time ago because it has become an award that has nothing to do with promoting real world peace but everything to do with politics.

John Lee


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