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Once we’re rid of the fat, who’s next?

To the editor:

Now that the obesity police have the wind to their backs, maybe the fat folk will be able to understand what tobacco smokers have had to put up with for the past 40 years. I wonder how many people took up food to quit smoking. Now they are having to go through ostracism twice. And if this campaign works, what’s next?

We are already hearing rumblings against people who drive gasoline-powered automobiles. Why not tackle alcohol again? There are enough MADD members, with their cohorts out there, to try it. After all, everybody called Prohibition the “noble experiment.”

At this rate, someday we will all be healthy and thinking alike for the betterment of the whole society. Those who can’t or won’t go along may just have to be eliminated.

Just remember the old story about the Nazis: No one protested when they came for the gypsies. No one protested when they came for the Communists. By the time they came for the Jews it was too late to protest.



Approve the sign

To the editor:

I read your Wednesday editorial, “Sign of the times,” and felt I had to add to what Las Vegas Academy Principal Stephen Clark has already stated in support of building an electronic message board at the high school.

I have a granddaughter who attends the academy. She starts school at 7 a.m. When she is working on a production, she doesn’t get home until 10 p.m. They have regular classes, and then stay after on their own time to work on the project.

The academy has no sports. These young people put all their energy into plays, dance, music, language and art. They should have a sign to let people know what will be playing, time and date.

I would think Historic Preservation Commission member Janet White, who opposes the installation of an electronic sign, would be proud of a school like this in the area and would like to make the public aware of what these students do.

It seems we hear enough when a teenager gets into trouble. Why not give this school, with the dedicated principal, teachers, students and parents, some acknowledgement? They deserve that this sign be approved. What a small thing to do for them.

Dorothy Brown


Leading the circus

To the editor:

I agree with the premise of your Thursday editorial, “All O.J., all the time,” that the media coverage of the O.J.Simpson matter is totally excessive.

However, I think it also displays a degree of hypocrisy. I say that because the same day, the Review-Journal itself led on its own front page with a five-column banner headline and two separate articles about Simpson.

You ought to practice what you preach.

Robert Lebenson


Time for cameras

To the editor:

After sitting at the light at the intersection of Serene and Eastern avenues on Wednesday, I’m all for traffic cameras.

My light turned green, and I had to wait for six vehicles — yes, six vehicles — that went through the red light, and one of them was an 18-wheeler.

Yes, yes, put the cameras in. There would have been six tickets issued Wednesday at that intersection at 1:45 p.m. Where are police when you need them? They can’t be everywhere, and there are so many inconsiderate drivers.

Because of their arrogance, I had to sit through another light cycle because I didn’t have enough time to proceed through the intersection.

Get the cameras in working order now.

Marlene Drozd


Annoying kiosks

To the editor:

Your Tuesday article, “The hard sell,” was on target. Kiosk employees are, for the most part, extremely aggressive. They have become so annoying that my wife and I try to avoid shopping at the malls.

When we do shop at one of the mall stores, we try to find ones that have an outside entrance — allowing us to enter, shop and leave without subjecting ourselves to the kiosks and the hard sell. When we have to go to more than one store in the mall, we exit to the parking lot and walk on the outside or drive to the second.

Mall managers who claim that aggressive salespeople are an exception need to take a walk around their malls and see what the rest of us know to be fact: The kiosk salespeople are aggressive, and the presence of the kiosks themselves does not enhance the shopping experience.

Bill Cavagnaro


Unjust, unfair

To the editor:

It appears that government is gearing up to penalize, once again, the responsible members of society in order to help the irresponsible.

Responsible people have opted to purchase smaller houses with corresponding smaller mortgages — mortgages that they can afford — while the irresponsible have purchased houses beyond their means. Now governments want the responsible taxpayer to bail out the irresponsible buyer. How is this just and fair?

It is particularly troubling that a number of Republicans, including the president, are supporting this idea. Apparently, the Republican Party of small government and self-reliance no longer exists, and those of us who subscribe to those ideals need to look elsewhere for representation.

John Welch


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