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LETTER: Democrats already have Donald Trump convicted

Thank you, Susan Estrich, for your Monday column, “Could the Trump haters please quiet down?” To this, I would add only: Could the anti-Trump House members keep an open mind before they hold hearings?

On Sunday. Rep. Jackie Spier, D-Calif., said: “This is a very simple straightforward act: The president broke the law” (regarding Ukraine).

If Democrats continue to hold Spier-like attitudes that say “guilty, until proven innocent,” it might just propel the president to re-election in 2020.

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COMMENTARY: The guardrails continue to hold on the Trump presidency

We should all be grateful that from the generals to the Scouts, from the senators to the cops, the institutions of both political and civil society are holding up well.

COMMENTARY: The North Korea problem comes to a head

Across 25 years and five administrations, we have kicked the North Korean can down the road. We are now out of road.

COMMENTARY: The great Muslim civil war — and what it means for the United States

The Iranian-Russian strategy is a nightmare for the entire Sunni Middle East. And for us too. The Pentagon seems bent on preventing it. Hence the Tomahawk attack for crossing the chemical red line. Hence the recent fighter-bomber shoot-down.

COMMENTARY: Stop with the tweets: Donald Trump can’t govern by id

Trump was elected to do politically incorrect — and needed — things such as withdrawing from Paris. He was not elected to do crazy things, starting with his tweets. If he cannot distinguish between the two, Trump Derangement Syndrome will only become epidemic.

COMMENTARY: Should Americans die for Estonia?

But Trump’s refusal to utter those words does lower whatever probability Vladimir Putin might attach to America responding with any seriousness to Russian aggression against a NATO ally.