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Time for a change?

And you thought the guy who said he’d vote to bring back slavery was the most outlandish of Nevada’s Republican elected officials.

Maybe it’s best to step away from that microphone, huh?

Assembly Speaker-designate Ira Hansen’s quasi-apology for his offensive newspaper columns of yesteryear needs a little tidying up. As ever, SlashPolitics is here to help!

Hansen: Gayness akin to bestiality, prostitution

Assembly Speaker-designate said last year in a letter on official letterhead that homosexuality was a choice, not unlike bestiality, prostitution, pedophilia or adultery.

Obama’s immigration order is nothing like what you’ve heard

There are those who will tell you President Barack Obama’s newest executive order on immigration is an unprecedented, unconstitutional abuse of his authority implemented for political purposes and little more.

Divisions, diversions complicate Nevada tax talk

If you thought the overwhelming defeat of the Education Initiative Nov. 4 was the end of tax talk in Nevada, you couldn’t be more wrong. If anything, the election results were the start of a larger discussion.

Who do voters listen to? It’s the R-J by a nose!

An analysis of Las Vegas newspapers’ endorsements and voting results shows the Review-Journal’s recommendations were accepted by voters in slightly more cases than the Las Vegas Sun’s, but that the R-J had far more partisan diversity than did the Sun.

OMG, Adelson is (gulp!) winning!

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has given plenty of money to losing candidates over the years, but he’s one of the big winners of the Republican sweep of 2014.

What’s a promise worth?

Before last week’s election, a host of people who opposed the soundly defeated Education Initiative hinted at or promised outright that they would work hard after the election to ensure Nevada’s schools were properly funded.

Fun with election numbers

Delving into the numbers from election 2014 turns up some interesting, or semi-interesting, facts.

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