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COMMENTARY: A few voting tips as Election Day looms.

I was planning to write a column about “nationalism” today. Because I’m sick of liberals lying about what that word means. It means you love America. It means you’re proud of America. It means you believe in “American exceptionalism.” It means you agree we are the greatest nation in history. President Donald Trump and I are both proud nationalists.

Shouldn’t America’s president always put America first? Don’t you want your president to always put American workers first? Don’t you want your president to love his country?

Who wouldn’t want that? Democrats.

But I’ll save my in-depth discussion of nationalism for later. Right now, I have a more important job. I’m getting hundreds of requests from readers asking me for a list of who and what I’m voting for on Election Day.

But that’s exactly where nationalism comes in. What’s important is not for whom I’m voting, but what I’m voting for.

I’m voting for candidates who are proud of America. Who love America. Who want to put America and American workers first. Who want to defend the Constitution and our borders. I’m voting for candidates and principles that make America exceptional. And will forever keep us that way.

So, here’s the Root voting list. Most importantly, get out and vote. Voting is what America is all about — a combination of personal freedom and responsibility and free speech. One person can make a difference.


U.S. Senate: Dean Heller (life and death important)

CD 1: Anyone but Dina Titus

CD 2: Mark Amodei

CD 3: Danny Tarkanian (life and death important)

CD 4: Cresent Hardy


Governor: Adam Laxalt (life and death important)

Lt. Gov.: Mike Roberson

Sec. State: Barbara Cegavske

AG: Wes Duncan

Treasurer: Bob Beers

Controller: Ron Knecht

Supreme Court

Seat C: Jerry Tao

Seat G: Mathew Harter

District Court

Dept 18: Mary Kay Holthus

Other judges

Jusice of the Peace, Las Vegas Dept. 1:

James Dean Leavitt

Ballot questions

2: No

3: Yes. Because competition is always good for consumers. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

4: No

5: No, No, No, Never!

6: No. Unless you want your electric bills to soar like Obamacare made your health insurance bills soar.

Lyon County Question 1: No

State Senate

Vote GOP in every race. It’s a no-brainer if we don’t want Nevada to become California East.

State Assembly

Rinse and repeat. Vote GOP in every race.

Clark County

Commission, Dist. E:

Patricia Marsh

Commission Dist. F:

Tisha Black

Commission Dist. G:

Cindy Lake

Clerk: Minddie Lloyd

Recorder: Jill MacFarlane

Treasurer: Philip Collins

Public Administrator: Thomas Fougere

School Board

Dist. F: Kali Fox Miller

Dist. G: Ryan Scalia

University Regent

Dist. 1: Jo Cato

Mesquite City Council

Seat 4: Annie Black

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