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COMMENTARY: Democrats overplay their hand when it comes to Donald Trump

Poor delusional Democrats. They always think they have Donald Trump right where they want him. But they never do.

Democrats are starring in a Road Runner cartoon — whether they know it or not. President Trump is the Road Runner. The Democrats are Wile E. Coyote. Wile always thinks he has Road Runner right where he wants him. But he never does. Road Runner outsmarts him every time. That’s Trump.

Remember the locker room video? It’s happening all over again.

Trump knows the upcoming elections in November and 2020 are about only two things: the economy and illegal immigration. That’s it. Nothing else matters.

Democrats are giddy over sex. Sorry, but didn’t your own Democrat president, Bill Clinton, prove about 20 years ago that elections are never about sex?

I was a regular guest back then on “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Maher. Bill and his guests were always squaring off with me about Bill Clinton’s sex life. Keep in mind, we were talking about sex with an intern in the oval office. Today, Bill Clinton would be ridden out of Washington on the third rail, tarred and feathered by liberal feminists.

But no matter. I learned a valuable lesson back then. Get ready: I was wrong.

Americans don’t care about president’s sex lives, certainly not if the economy is booming. Republicans overplayed their hand. And voters punished the GOP. Most Americans don’t think a president’s sex life is any of their business. Not even if he lied to our faces about it.

Democrats are replaying that exact scenario today. Back in the Clinton era, Democrats called Kenneth Starr, the special counsel investigating Bill Clinton, a “pervert.” What does that make Robert Mueller? He has spent $20 million to get Michael Cohen to plead guilty to a crime that doesn’t exist. There is no campaign violation if you pay off someone with your own personal money. Sorry, none. And there is no campaign violation if you pay someone to keep quiet about an affair dating back 10 years before you ever ran for office. Sorry, there is no such crime.

And there is no proof Trump even knew or ordered the payoff. Ask Lanny Davis, Cohen’s lawyer. Even he says it will come down to Cohen’s word versus Trump’s. Good luck. No crime. No impeachment. You’re dreaming.

Do you think anyone is surprised Trump had affairs? Sixty-three million Trump voters all know Trump cheated with Stormy and the Playboy playmate. Of course, they extorted him. Of course, he paid them off to keep his wife from finding out. Ho hum.

Sixty-three million Trump voters elected Trump the Barbarian. I’ve written about it. Trump is a macho caveman. He’s a warrior. His mouth is a nuclear weapon. We love him. He’s what we needed to save capitalism, America and the middle class.

Here’s the truth folks. If the locker room video didn’t stop Trump, these new developments are “chump change.” If sex with an intern in the Oval Office didn’t stop Bill Clinton, sex a decade ago, as a private citizen, certainly won’t stop Trump.

CNN and The New York Times mentioned impeachment hundreds of times this past week. It’s all delusion. Like the GOP with Bill Clinton, they’re overplaying their hand. They’re turning off voters.

The economy is booming. The CEO of Target says this is the greatest consumer spending he’s ever seen in his life. Employment is up in 314 of the 349 largest U.S. counties over the past year. That’s what matters to real Americans.

We are being invaded by illegals because Democrats left the borders open. That’s what matters to real Americans.

The Democrats are Wile E. Coyote. Trump is the Road Runner. I wouldn’t be shocked if Trump’s poll ratings go up. Wanna bet?

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