COMMENTARY: Donald Trump backs Democrats into a corner over the Dreamers

President Donald Trump’s DACA proposal is sheer genius. As usual, Trump is playing chess, while Democrats play checkers. He is six moves ahead of all of us.

Trump just offered Democrats a fantastic solution for the Dreamer issue. He offered them a solution twice as big as Obama offered. Trump will give 1.8 million Dreamers a path to citizenship. The deal is there for the taking. But Democrats don’t want it. They’re running from it.

That’s precisely why Trump made the offer. To prove Democrats are frauds. They couldn’t care less about the Dreamers. They are just political pawns. Democrats want to use them to win political points.

Democrats can never say “yes” to Trump’s deal. Trump knows that. He’s tied Democrats into knots. He’s exposed them for the frauds they are.

First, Democrats need the Dreamers like Arab leaders need the Palestinians. The hate and passion dies if you find a solution. As long as the problem exists, the radical true believers will be on your side. That’s how you raise huge sums of money, motivate people to go to the polls and win elections. As soon as you solve the problem, you’ve lost your edge. Democrats need the Dreamers to stay in purgatory. That keeps Dreamers screaming, protesting, scared for their lives — i.e., motivated and focused on electing Democrats to “save” them.

Secondly, Trump is the first Republican who actually knows how to negotiate. It’s called “The Art of the Deal.” All the previous Republicans were (to use a Yiddish term) schmucks. Trump knows he has Democrats over a barrel. Sure, he’ll let the Dreamers in. If you give him everything he needs to ensure generations of Republican victories. Trump is demanding full funding of the wall, an end to chain migration and an end to the incredibly idiotic and self-destructive “visa lottery.”

But Trump knows Democrats cannot say “yes” — even if they really wanted to save the Dreamers (which they don’t). Because if the wall is built, Democrats lose their lifeblood: a stream of new Democratic voters. The wall won’t stop legal immigration. It will stop only illegal immigration.

Legal immigrants are smart, skilled, educated, ambitious and want to live the American Dream (i.e., achieve wealth through capitalism). And most play by the rules. What do you call people like that? Future Republicans.

But many of the people who come to America illegally are a whole different breed. They are poor, uneducated, unskilled and don’t speak English. Some of them don’t respect the law. They desperately need government handouts to survive. They don’t believe in capitalism. They want to be taken care of by Big Brother. What do you call people like that? Future Democrats.

That’s why Democrats are so hysterical about the wall. The wall keeps out only their voters.

It shouldn’t even be a debate. Every country needs a wall. Walls make for good neighbors. The pope has a wall around the Vatican. Obama has a wall around his new home in D.C. Israel has a wall. The year before the wall was completed, Israel suffered 10,000 terror attacks. The year after the wall was completed, the terror attacks dropped below 100. Walls work.

That’s the problem. Walls work too well. Democrats need fresh new desperate, dependent, unskilled illegal aliens every year to replace the immigrants from 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Those immigrants have slowly assimilated, learned English, gotten educated, become middle class, opened businesses and raised families. Studies prove those now American-ized immigrants are much more likely to vote Republican.

So Democrats need replacements. Democrats need a constant supply of fresh new illegal aliens to win elections. That’s why they can’t accept Trump’s deal. Even if it saves the lives of 1.8 million Dreamers.

Trump made the offer knowing Democrats will never accept.

Trump is playing chess, while Democrats play checkers. Hear that sound? Checkmate.

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