COMMENTARY: Go ahead and subpoena the Trump-Putin interpretors

I agree. It’s time to subpoena the Trump-Putin interpreters to hear the full context of the conversation at the Helsinki summit. I trust my great president, Donald Trump. So let’s do it. I’ll go for broke.

But …

Fair is fair. I’d agree to that only if we all also subpoena the interpreters for Barack Obama’s Iran treaty negotiations. What on Earth could the Iranian mullahs have said to Obama and John Kerry to get them to agree to betray America and U.S. taxpayers with such a horrible deal? Inquiring minds want to know.

I can’t wait to translate to English what the Iranians asked for. Because Obama was far too chummy with the mullahs of Iran. My educated guess is the conversation went something like this:

Iranian mullahs: “Mr. Kerry, we demand the absolute right to have a nuclear bomb in 20 years to hold over the world’s head … to extort America … to annihilate Israel. Oh, and we want our $150 billion back that you have frozen in U.S. banks.”

John Kerry: “Sure. But why wait 20 years? I’ll get you nuclear bombs in 10 years. And don’t worry about inspections. We trust you. Wink, wink. And not only will President Obama and I give you back your $150 billion, but we’ll add in the interest for the past 30 years. How’s that for a bonus to our greatest friends in the world? And would you like to use the American banking system? We’ll ignore the laws passed by Congress and give you secret back-door access. Just don’t tell anyone. Anything else we can throw into the deal? Obama wants to roll out the red carpet.”

Iranian mullahs: “No, I think that’ll do it.”

John Kerry: “But wait, President Obama insists on a bonus. How about $1.4 billion in cash converted to Swiss francs, from an unmarked cargo plane, in return for a few of our citizens you’re holding as hostages? Just a little bonus to show our appreciation for what great people you represent. Obama calls you the class of the world.”

So if liberals are so quick to want to know what Trump said to Putin, great. But fair is fair. I want to know exactly what Obama and Kerry said to the murdering, terrorist mullahs of Iran, a rogue nation hell-bent on funding terrorism all over the globe and the destruction of Israel and America.

But I’m not done.

We need to subpoena the interpreters for so many of Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s dirty deals. For instance, let’s hear what was said when Hillary, as secretary of state, gave away one-fifth of America’s uranium stock in return for a $140 million “donation” to the Clinton Foundation and a one-time $500,000 speech for Bill Clinton. I can’t wait to hear that conversation.

What about all the other billions of dollars raised by the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments when Hillary was secretary of state and donors all assumed she’d be the next president? Can we have all those negotiations translated into English? Did Hillary and her people promise billions in government contracts in return for billions in donations?

These would be the most interesting recordings since the FBI listened to the Gambino crime family.

And then there’s one more transcript I want to see. It’s near and dear to my heart. I’d like to see a copy of the conversations in the Oval Office between Obama and the commissioner of the IRS, who visited the president 157 times while the agency was targeting and persecuting conservatives such as me. That’s more visits than Michelle made to see Obama.

If the Democrats will agree to all of that, then I’ll agree to subpoenas for the Trump-Putin discussion in Helsinki. This should be fun. Game on.

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