COMMENTARY: On the Trump trade ‘war’ and Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar hypocrisy

I love my Review-Journal column. My only regret is I have just two columns a week. With Donald Trump as president, and crazy, radical Marxist-Democrats in opposition, I could write two columns a day, seven days a week. Thank goodness, I also get to talk politics 15 hours a week on radio and TV.

Let’s start with Trump’s trade policies. On this issue, it’s not just radical Democrats in opposition. It’s also moderate Republicans, economists, Wall Street and every wealthy crony capitalist who’s gotten fat and happy with the current system.

Let’s get this straight: Trump is not threatening a trade war. We’ve already been in a trade war for decades. And we’ve been losing badly. Trump is merely talking about changing tactics so America and the forgotten working class can start winning again.

China has been beating us to the tune of $800 billion per year. Then China turns around and uses that $800 billion per year to build up its military and threaten our world dominance. How stupid can we be?

Obama couldn’t have cared less about American working men and women. He was more worried about being loved by other countries so he could win a Nobel Prize.

Trump is trying to win a game as the clock ticks down with America losing 14-0 in the fourth quarter. Trump is merely giving us a chance to get back in the game. This is all about “The Art of the Deal.” China and the rest of the world are complaining loudly, not because they see this as a terrible move by Trump, but because they know the days of taking advantage of dumb, clueless American politicians are over. Thanks to President Trump, the rest of the world will have to cut deals more beneficial to U.S. workers.

Trump is negotiating a better deal for all of us. America First. Isn’t that the job of an American president? Trump has no interest in a silly Nobel Prize. He wants only victories for American workers. How refreshing.

Now to the idiocy and hypocrisy of Democrats.

Jimmy Kimmel lobbied, as host of the Oscars, for massive gun control, all while being protected by a force of heavily armed Hollywood bodyguards, police and private security.

More than 500 guns were in attendance to protect the Hollywood elite. Do you see the irony?

Why not declare the Oscars a “gun-free zone”? If liberals think guns aren’t necessary to protect our children, why don’t they disarm their own security? Why doesn’t Kimmel go “gun free”?

More proof of the failure of Kimmel’s argument: Chicago. All of Chicago is a “gun-free zone.” It’s Jimmy Kimmel’s dream. But have you heard the latest news? Shootings at gang funerals in Chicago are described by police as “out of control.”

First, the gangs murder a gangbanger. Then they bring guns to his funeral. Then they shoot each other at the funeral. So much for gun control and “gun-free zones.”

Any criminal can get a gun in “gun-free” Chicago. Gun control doesn’t stop a single criminal from getting a gun. It only ensures the rest of us are defenseless.

More proof Kimmel and his gang of know-it-all liberals have lost the debate. NRA memberships surged since the Parkland high school shooting. So, too, have gun sales. So, too, have AR-15 sales. Liberals have no clue what Americans want.

Then there’s this instant proof of Kimmel’s failure: TV ratings. No one watched. It was the lowest-rated Academy Awards in history. It turns out few Americans want to watch Hollywood stars drone on about gun control while surrounded by armed security, all while giving out awards for movies no one watched with storylines appreciated only by liberal snowflakes.

Next time, leave your politics at home.

And if you want 63 million Trump voters to tune in, nominate “Death Wish” with Bruce Willis. That’s my kind of movie.

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