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Deplorable and proud of it

Hillary Clinton just gifted Donald Trump the election. How nice of her.

Trump obviously inspired her. Hillary decided to tell the truth — for the first time ever. This was clearly Hillary’s first “Donald Trump moment.”

Last week Hillary said supporters of Donald Trump belong in a “basket of deplorables.” Hillary was talking about me and my friends. I’m Exhibit A for her rant. I’m the author of the new book “Angry White Male.” It’s my testimony about exactly what millions of angry white males who support Donald Trump believe in — and exactly what liberals such as Hillary and President Barack Obama think of us. How they are trying to target us, muzzle us, punish us and destroy us.

Thanks, Hillary. At least now the 10-ton elephant is out in the open.

Hillary and her socialist cabal just showed their true colors. They hate people who’d rather work than accept welfare. They hate anyone who loves God, country, family and the Constitution.

Millions of Trump supporters believe the things that made America great are simple: Faith in God, family, patriotism, American exceptionalism, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, the Constitution, the military and police.

Hillary and Democrats despise those symbols. To them, belief in those symbols makes you “deplorable.” To them, to say you actually believe America is exceptional brands you as a “racist.” To them, to say you love God, country and capitalism makes you a bigot, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Or a slip of the tongue. Ask Obama. In 2008 he said small-town conservatives and Christians “cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment.”

Or look at the targets and victims of the IRS scandal of four years ago. Was it a coincidence that Obama’s IRS targeted, intimidated and persecuted only specific groups that happened to fall into Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”? The IRS went after conservative groups; Christian groups; groups that believe in the U.S. Constitution; groups that support Israel; and Tea Party groups that support patriotism and American exceptionalism.

Well at least it’s clear who the targets of Hillary and her socialist cabal are.

They despise conservatives.

They despise patriots.

They despise people of faith.

They despise anyone with wealth, or anyone who owns a business.

They despise working men and women who won’t accept welfare.

They despise symbols of America’s greatness such as the military, the police and the Constitution.

But most of all, they despise white, straight, Christian males. To them, we are the symbol of everything wrong about America.

I’m proud to make Hillary’s enemies list. I don’t take a dime from government. I’m unabashedly American. And I’m proud to be a card-carrying member of Trump’s Army of Deplorables.

Hillary has no idea what she started. Tens of thousands will now show up at Trump rallies across America screaming “I am DEPLORABLE.”

You’ll soon see cars across America with bumper stickers saying “Proud to be DEPLORABLE.”

Everywhere you go, you’ll see Americans with “I’m DEPLORABLE” T-shirts.

Mitt Romney never recovered from his remarks about “the 47 percent” at a private fundraiser in 2012. Hillary will never recover from her “deplorable” remarks either. Like Romney, she has no idea of the damage she has done — yet.

Hillary just made millions of enemies. She was honest for the first time in her life — and it will lead to her downfall. But we do owe Hillary a great debt of gratitude. Hillary just saved America from … Hillary.

Author and talk radio host Wayne Allyn Root’s column runs Wednesday and Sunday in the Review-Journal.

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