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Obama the GOP’s greatest salesman

It’s New Year’s Day. This is a time to think positively and give thanks for all the great things in your life. This is the time to see the glass as half full, not half empty.

So I want to thank President Obama. Because Obama is without a doubt … the greatest Republican salesman in history.

I’m not just talking about the 1,042 federal and state seats he lost for the Democrat Party in his eight years in office. No, I’m talking about the sales job Obama is doing on the way out the door. He is cementing the Democrat Party as a party of arrogant, bitter, ultra-leftist, sore losers. What a parting gift.

I could not have scripted a better finish to Obama’s tenure if I tried. At least not if the goal was making a majority of Americans run away from the Democrat Party like it’s the plague. Let’s look at the last days of Obama’s presidency:

Americans hate regulations. They know regulations are strangling the economy and killing middle-class jobs. Yet Obama just dropped thousands of pages of new regulations on the U.S. economy at the last minute. Is he bitter? Is he looking for revenge? It appears he’s giving us the middle finger on the way out the door.

Americans love Israel. Yet Obama just committed the worst backstabbing and betrayal toward Israel of any president in history. And Israeli official say they have proof this entire U.N. resolution condemning Israel was Obama’s baby — he created it, orchestrated it, secretly lobbied for it. Bravo, Mr. Obama. What a great way to alienate every Jew and Christian in this country. Another middle finger.

Americans who live out West in places such as Nevada and Utah aren’t fans of federal government intrusion. They are skeptical of the feds owning so much of our land. So what does Obama do? On the way out the door he designates vast swaths of Utah and Nevada as “national monuments” over the objections of our governors and congressional delegations. He ignores the will of the people. Another middle finger.

Americans like law-abiding citizens, not criminals. Yet Obama has set all-time records for presidential pardons and commutations in his last days, with many more certain to come. Another middle finger.

Americans have a love affair with oil. Silly us — we like cheap energy prices. But Obama just used executive action to declare a permanent ban on oil drilling over most of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans on the way out the door. No discussion or cooperation with Congress. Just a dictator deciding to ban drilling as a parting gift. Another middle finger.

Americans want to keep our children safe at night. Yet Obama has dramatically accelerated the importation of un-vetted Muslim refugees in the final days of his presidency. Another middle finger.

Americans don’t want a war with Russia. Unfortunately Obama seems eager to damage our relationship. Only days ago he announced sanctions against Russia for “election hacking.” But where’s the proof? The American people have seen none. Is Obama trying to escalate tensions for the incoming President Trump? Another middle finger.

Obama is a great salesman. Unfortunately for Democrats, he’s the greatest Republican salesman in history. This bitter, sore loser, radical-leftist ideologue is turning America red for many years to come.

Now that’s what I call a happy new year.

Wayne Allyn Root (Wayne@ROOTforAmerica.com) is host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on 790 Talk Now. His column appears Thursday and Sunday.

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