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Merry Christmas

And now the bustling streets and malls fall strangely quiet. In many a home, the living room stands ankle-deep in an effluvia of ribbons and paper and bows, while in the background someone has left the TV running — Alastair Sim throws open his window on a bright and shining world for the 59th time and asks the lad in the street what day this is.

Newt-ering Romney in Nevada

Like the nuclear bombs exploded in the Nevada desert during the Cold War, a “Newt bomb” could be exploding all across Mitt Romney’s Nevada voting base, leading to a potential ground-shaking upset in Nevada.

GOP retreat

A gift for labor

Big Labor got its Christmas present Wednesday when its stooges on the National Labor Relations Board gave the go-ahead for “ambush” organizing elections that union bosses hope will reverse decades of declining membership.