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NSA spying vote makes strange bedfellows

It’s always a kick when left and right come together to question the power of the federal government.

CIA leak case highlights need for shield law

When it was discovered earlier this year that the Department of Justice was massively intruding on news gathering, there was a loud hue and cry for a federal shield law, and rightly so. The department had secretly obtained the office phone records of Associated Press journalists — records that potentially revealed communications with confidential sources — and had ridden roughshod over Fox News reporter James Rosen’s rights, monitoring his personal email, phone records and movements.

Hypocritical slugger takes mighty fall

No matter where you line up on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports — whether you feel it should be allowed, whether you think it’s the death knell for honest competition, or whether you’re somewhere in between — there’s still room for agreement on one thing: Most people can handle the truth.

Incident should give second thoughts on gun laws

During the 2013 Legislature’s debate over a bill to require background checks for almost all private-party gun sales, there were plenty of what-ifs.

New findings bolster case for tax reform

As much as the Obama administration would like to move past the IRS scandal, the ongoing work of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is making it impossible for the president to declare the story old news.

Downtown grocer

The free market dictates most of the business successes and failures we encounter on a daily basis. If you can find a niche, raise the capital and answer demand, you might succeed. If you can’t, you’ll fail.

Nevada case could decide gay marriage issue for all

There were plenty who were disappointed recently when the U.S. Supreme Court decided California’s Proposition 8 gay-marriage case without really rendering an opinion.

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