Politicians need military experience

To the editor:

In response to your “Military service” editorial (Monday Review-Journal), I’m with you. We should have a constitutional requirement that anyone running for any federal office must have served in one of our armed forces for at least two years. We have a bunch of people in Washington, D.C., who wouldn’t know an aircraft carrier from a tugboat. They don’t know the inner workings or understand the living conditions and discipline of the military. Therefore, they don’t promote and support our men and women, thus making our nation appear weak to the world.

If President Barack Obama were a sailor, he couldn’t fulfill his duties because the Navy wouldn’t grant him enough shore leave. If Rep. Nancy Pelosi were to join the WACs (Women’s Army Corps), that’s what she’d get — whacked. If Sen. Harry Reid had served, he’d have learned when to speak and when to stand down. Rep. John Boehner’s eight-week stint was cut short because of a back issue. He should have great respect for those dedicated soldiers who stand hours-long watches and march endless patrols.

Our military is the backbone and guts of our country. But if our government leaders don’t show them the support that real Americans want for them, then our enemies will continue to scoff at every diplomatic threat we make, because they will know there is no “or else” to back it up.

While in the military, soldiers must respect and obey the president and the office. But once they’re discharged, my bet is that if asked, they would say that calling Mr. Obama their commander in chief and having to obey his orders sticks in their craw.



Eydie Gorme

To the editor:

Regarding Eydie Gorme’s death (“Longtime Strip standout Gorme dies,” Aug. 11 Review-Journal), when I came to Las Vegas in 1974 with my sister and brother as a young act called “The Walkers,” we wanted our show to have the class of Las Vegas headliners Steve Lawrence and Ms. Gorme — even though we were from the blue-jean baby boomer generation. We performed for 30 years in this city, with “The Mickey Finn Show,” “Legends in Concert,” as the starring act for 10 years in “The Wild World of Burlesque” and in “Hooray America.” We did celebrity impressions in costume.

My sister, Kathy Walker, who starred with Rich Little at the Sahara in the 1990s, did expert recreations of Cher, Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Liza Minnelli, Joan Rivers and many other female stars of the day. But she refused to attempt trying to copy Ms. Gorme, who had a voice that was inimitable. Although the casinos and hotels have become bigger, and the marquees more animated than when Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Gorme graced the stages in our city, the lights were much brighter here when they were starring together. As a retired Las Vegas act, I’m proud to have followed their example.

Ms. Gorme’s matchless voice, remarkable talent and genuine charm and class will be greatly missed in Las Vegas and around the world. Our hearts and prayers are with her husband and family.



Congress and ObamaCare

To the editor:

I see Congress’ approval rating is down in the 10 percent range. Perhaps we shouldn’t take that as an indication that they don’t know what’s going on. The elected members checked into the cost of ObamaCare for themselves, and they struck a deal with the Obama administration to effectively be exempted from a law that supposedly would cover all Americans.

I think we, the ordinary citizens, should be as smart as Congress, find out what it would cost us under the ACA, and let Congress know loudly and clearly that we don’t want ObamaCare either, and that we expect them to see that the Affordable Care Act is defunded.



Recycling procedures

To the editor:

Regarding Don Sexton’s letter (“Red, white and blue,” Aug. 10 Review-Journal), I too have noticed that Republic Services no longer separates glass, plastic and paper, but rather dumps all recycle items from the multiple bins into one bin on the truck. Having noticed this, I no longer separate any recycle items. I just toss the items into the small colored bins at leisure.

Perhaps Republic Services doesn’t have a larger single bin for use at this time, or there is no equipment available to handle the larger single bin. I would anticipate in the future that one larger bin will be provided. The service is indeed quite labor intensive at the moment.



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