Politics, religion in the Senate race

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid has sunk to a new low in his attacks on Sharron Angle. As reported in the Thursday Review-Journal, he is now attacking her for her religious beliefs based on her interview on TruNews Christian Radio in April.

Apparently the senator feels she will be a threat to the all-powerful, all-intrusive government he has been helping to build all these years in Washington, D.C. His campaign spokesperson appears to be in a near panic, using words such as “crusade” and “religious war” in their attack against someone who disagrees with their desire for a forever-expanding socialist government.

Sorry, senator, but in my opinion this attack is actually a positive for Ms. Angle. It would be truly refreshing to have a senator bring a firm moral compass to the debates producing the laws of this country.

I may not agree with her position on all of the issues, but I am confident that as a senator she will act in accordance with real fundamental values rather than simply reacting to the bribes and extortion that have become modern politics.

JIm Brown

North Las Vegas

To the editor:

Could someone please get Sharron Angle’s ear and reassure her that no one that I know would ever force her to have an abortion, develop a professional career outside the home, marry another woman, or send her grandchildren out for adoption to anyone of any stripe. Nor would they coerce her to partake of Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps, public schools, emergency room health care, or any other government supported program or benefit of any kind whatsoever — city, state or federal.

In fact, she is assured of continuing to be free to say and do pretty much anything she pleases, as long as it is within the law and not infringing on anyone else’s rights and private lives.

And, oh, aye — there’s the rub.

Because Ms. Angle — like so many — is trying to legislate morality (as she sees it) in order to invade privacy and gain control of the daily (and nightly) lives of people whose business is really none of hers.

This is the sort of thing that is being done regularly by many others in the name of religion. I believe they are called Muslims. Ms. Angle’s beliefs as stated are — for all intents and purposes — practically interchangeable with theirs.

So please, Ms. Angle, go back to your little school-board or wherever you sprang from, and leave the rest of us alone and in peace. We don’t want you representing us, or having even the remotest influence on our lives, in Congress. You and your ilk scare (to be polite) the dickens out of us.

Sydney R. Palmer

Bullhead City, Ariz.

To the editor:

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian was quoted in the Review-Journal as criticizing Sharron Angle by saying, “Nobody, nobody has a right to tell us what to do with our lives.”

Bravo, Ms. Tarkanian! I agree.

But if you really mean what you say, why are you endorsing the very man — Harry Reid — who has rammed mandatory health care down the throats of millions — a majority, as a matter of fact, who don’t want it?

You can’t have it both ways, Lois.

Bruce Feher

Las Vegas

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