Public-sector workers are still doing well

To the editor:

Federal employees had a record year in 2008. Their salaries and benefits are now double those of private-sector employees.

The common presumption that public “servants” forgo high wages in exchange for safe jobs and benefits is a myth. It turns out they have been receiving all three right under our noses.

State and local public-sector workers are not doing as well as the feds, but give our elected officials some time and they will ensure that they catch up.

I have a theory on how we arrived at this point in history. For years elected officials and political insiders conned us into believing government needs to hire the best and brightest and, to acquire this unique talent, we must pay significantly more than the private sector. This activity, coupled with the politicians’ protracted reluctance to challenge unions at contract time because they are an alleged voting bloc, contributed highly to this ongoing economic travesty.

I have two recommendations for a solution at the state and local level:

1. Find a courageous elected official willing to propose freezing wages until the private sector catches up.

2. Ask the Legislature to repeal the law that allows negotiations for wages and benefits by public-sector unions.

Action must be taken to correct this abomination. Earlier this year, the California Legislature passed a budget that includes a 15 percent reduction in state employee salaries. It’s a start.



Moral relativist

To the editor:

If we have the courage and the intelligence to look in the mirror, our anger and deep pain in response to the terrible killings at Fort Hood may help us to understand something of the anger and deep pain of the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan when our drones drop bombs that kill members of their families.

I say “amen” to the voices asking Muslim leaders to denounce violent actions such as Fort Hood. And then, as a Christian, I ask, where are the voices of Christian leaders denouncing the terror of our daily bombings killing civilians in Afghanistan? Have you heard your pastor make such declaration?



Silly critics

To the editor:

My father always told me something growing up: “You never know a dummy until he opens his mouth.” I think of this when I hear these asinine remarks about President Barack Obama being an illegal alien or promoting socialism, or when people such as Glenn Beck say Mr. Obama hates white people.

Oh, my favorite one is seeing these tea parties. Now I can put faces with the voices.

As far as Phyllis Schlafly’s column on last Thursday’s commentary page about Barack Obama not telling voters his plans: I have a news flash. There is not one president in history who knows what is going to happen before he officially starts the presidency. In that column, Ms. Schlafly listed nothing but opinionated, incoherent, negative statements. So let me list some facts.

President Barack Obama saved a run on the banks with the bailout; forced these crooked credit card companies to practice fair business; taxed the higher-class citizens since the poor and middle class have carried our country for centuries; gave homebuyers a tax credit to help jump start our economy; extended unemployment benefits; and been very prudent about two wars, like former President John F. Kennedy did with the Cuban missile crisis. And I also noticed the stock market slowly but surely rising.

Now what I, as well as millions of other Americans, will be elated about is when the health care reform bill is signed into law.

People are going to have the nerve to ask what President Barack Obama accomplished. Is that a trick question?

As far as providing health insurance for illegal aliens, I don’t see anyone complaining while, as we speak, illegal aliens are being paid very little wages while making a lot of people rich because of it.



Hate the sick

To the editor:

I know a way to get Republicans to accept health care for the uninsured. Simply tell them we’re invading a sovereign nation such as Canada or Bolivia to take their oil … oops, I mean, keep America safe.

Paying for some ridiculous military endeavor will take precedent over sick, poor people.

elizabeth cook


Hard worker

To the editor:

In response to Sen. Max Baucus’ letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Review-Journal:

Sure, Sen. Harry Reid has worked very, very hard for the citizens of Nevada and Las Vegas. Especially when President Obama slammed businesses for having conventions in Las Vegas. Sen. Reid was so vocal about President Obama’s irresponsible statement that you could hear a pin drop. While Las Vegas lost millions, he didn’t say a word. Neither did Rep. Shelley Berkley.

The only thing they are working hard on is spending taxpayer money to push their agendas on health care and cap and trade. Not jobs.



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