Putting out the welcome mat for illegals

To the editor:

Megakudos to Cheryl Flathers for her courageous Wednesday letter attacking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for being soft on illegal immigration and his desire “to create a new voting bloc.” Ms. Flathers writes that we need to get serious with illegal alien invaders by denying all benefits, such as taxpayer-funded medical treatment, food stamps, Social Security and more. Only then will the invasion of our country stop.

The Arizona Legislature just passed a bill that would allow police to question individuals about their immigration status if they reasonably suspect they’re in this country illegally. If Arizona’s governor signs this legislation into law, Arizona police will be authorized to arrest those who cannot prove they are in the country legally. And as a result, Nevada can expect a deluge of additional illegals.

The Arizona climate will become too hot for these criminals, and because Nevada politicians like Sen. Reid continue to transmit a “welcome to Nevada” message to these invaders, we will see more school crowding, more bursting of emergency rooms and more financial burdens on Nevada taxpayers.

Nice work, Sen. Reid. We can only hope that soon you will be out of work, when Nevada voters replace you with someone who will get serious over the treatment of those illegal invaders.

Dennis Sarfaty


Who can pay cash?

To the editor:

U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden may not understand the true meaning of bartering (trading items such as livestock, labor, etc., for services), which is disturbing enough, but the underlying message of her statement regarding the containment of rising health care costs is even more disturbing (Monday Review-Journal).

Ms. Lowden suggested offering cash to doctors to negotiate lower prices. How out of touch with the populace is this rich woman? How many people does she think are in the position to pay cash for medical procedures on the spot, other than herself and her rich supporters? Does she understand that the very essence of insurance is to avoid the financial hardship encountered at the time of a medical procedure? Does she want to negotiate the price of drugs at the local pharmacy, also?

In my estimation, she is above hardship and does not really care about the average American.

Paul Sarkisian

Boulder City

Driver error

To the editor:

Your coverage of the hepatitis outbreak trial is interesting. Suing the manufacturer of the anesthetic used in the colonoscopies at the clinic is the same as trying to sue the manufacturer of automobiles involved in accidents.

Robert Shapiro

North Las Vegas

Job creation

To the editor:

Jobs are only created by wealth. Private wealth is only increased by investing, which directly and indirectly results in jobs.

Government wealth is created by taxation, which is politically invested in order for politicians to be re-elected.

Which do you think is the better motivation to create more jobs?

J. Levin

Las Vegas

Share the wealth

To the editor:

Citigroup posted earnings of $4.4 billion, and its stock went up. Last week, JP Morgan and Bank of America posted profits of $3.3 billion and $3.2 billion, respectively. Even Goldman Sachs, which is under federal investigation and being sued for fraud posted $3.3 billion in earnings in the first quarter of 2010.

The banks are back in the black after Americans bailed them out of the worst economic debacle we’ve seen in decades, but Nevadans aren’t so fortunate.

While Wall Street rejoices, thousands of Nevadans, including myself, are still making hard choices between food or medicine, shelter or education.

I’m proud of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for having the courage to hold Wall Street accountable for the mess it created and insisting on financial reform.

If folks don’t get behind Sen. Reid and get this done, Wall Street will still be posting record profits next year, and Nevada will still be in the dumps.

Marla Turner

Las Vegas


To the editor:

President Obama commented last week that tea party protesters should thank him because he gave them a tax cut.

Here’s what Mr. Obama doesn’t understand about many Americans: We believe it is immoral to take the fruits of one person’s labor under the threat of imprisonment and give them to another.

Bob Gore

Las Vegas

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