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Reid’s dog-and-pony show left out health care facts

To the editor:

Referring to the invite-only audience of Sen. Harry Reid supporters and Democrats and the health care meeting Thursday at UNLV, I would like to quote the now-famous words of Rep. Joe Wilson to Sen. Reid: “You lie!”

The simple truth is the health care bill is front-loaded, with no benefits occurring until 2014. Meanwhile, our taxes will go up immediately.

In addition, younger people will find their insurance rates increasing, not decreasing, to pay for the cost of requiring insurers to accept those with “pre-existing conditions.”

The senator doesn’t tell you that the Medicaid rolls will be increased, which is where most of the current “uninsured” will be covered. These increased costs are going to have to be picked up by the states, and thus you, the taxpayer. Just take the UMC mess and multiply it by a factor of 10 or more.

Many doctors will stop taking Medicaid and Medicare patients because their fees will be cut? This will lead to overburdening the hospital emergency rooms and the rationing of medical services.

Sen. Reid also does not mention the “employer mandate” provision that will in effect cause employers to face a $3,000-per-year incentive to hire people from higher-income and smaller families.

He also does not mention that the IRS will be the enforcer of this program, fining individuals who choose not to obtain insurance coverage. Just think of the DMV, VA or the IRS when you show up for your government-controlled “free” health care.

Warren Willis Sr.


Bad move

To the editor:

Like lemmings rushing to the sea, it appears that a large number of Nevadans are determined to oust Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The question I have for them: Who is going to replace him?

It would be, of course, a freshman Republican senator, who would have little influence in the Democratically controlled Senate. That would give us two Republicans in this august body, neither of them able to get any benefits for our state. It would be screw Nevada time again, and possibly the return of nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain.

Disposing of Harry Reid would be a bad move for our state.

Richard J. Mundy


Too late?

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid’s little town hall meeting was so well-planned and went as scheduled (“Reid praises health care bill,” Friday Review-Journal).

First of all, it was scheduled for Thursday evening at 5 — I am sure there was no competition from a certain football game. The invitation was basically for Democrats anyway. Attendance by well-placed members of ACORN and the SEIU helped silence any vocal opposition. He did not take any questions, but he invited people to join in on his next tele-home meeting.

You have to know that the rich will not be able to cover the cost of Obamacare. When you look at who these elected officials are lining up for tax increases, you might as well lean over and grab your ankles.

This mandatory insurance program is totally against the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens. This bill has been written so that it cannot be repealed. It was written by the Democrats so they can appeal to low-income people for votes. Why do you think the Democrats are doing their best to give the illegals free citizenship? You and I are paying for this.

President Obama has backpedaled on all of his campaign promises. This particular bill has more pork in it than you can shake a stick at. There is no openness. They can call the GOP the party of “no,” but somewhere there has to be some accountability.

Our only salvation is this coming vote — and let’s just hope that it is not too late to save this country from the Pelosis, Reids and the likes of George Soros.

Travis Whitley


No tax

To the editor:

Alan Choate’s Thursday article, “Nevada ranks sixth in public pay” was well done. An important factor, which would push Nevada even higher on the chart, is the fact that the four states above Nevada and the District of Columbia all have individual state income taxes. I do not know the exact percentages, but California’s can be as high as 13 percent — and New Jersey and New York are even higher.

Subtracting the state income tax from the average salaries would make the compensation even better in Nevada.

Albert Capanna


Socialist theory

To the editor:

GOP Assemblyman Richard McArthur’s letter in Friday’s Review-Journal is fairly accurate in describing socialism as an economic system rather than a way of governing. But he then goes on to make a totally inaccurate statement in saying that socialists want to take over as much of the economy as they can.

In fact, communists want total control of the economy. Socialists want control of those parts of the economy that control essential services, such as utilities, insurance companies, health care, oil, etc.

The socialist theory is that essentials should not be withheld for solely profit-based reasons and that natural resources should be owned jointly by the people.

There are many examples of socialism in America. Socialism, like any other economic system, can be manipulated to serve the interest of the few, and there are many examples of this. President Obama argues that a larger percentage of the people should benefit from these arrangements. Whether you agree with this theory or not, it is important that those attempting to teach tell the whole story.

Frank Beaty


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