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“I don’t know who will be giving money. When the disclosure occurs, obviously it would be after the fact, so it would be hard to make an argument that it influenced anybody because we didn’t know about it.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton, LEFT, at her Senate confirmation hearings for the post of Secretary of State Tuesday, explaining why millions of dollars in donations from wealthy Arab potentates and others to the foundation operated by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, won’t have any impact on her actions or policies in the post.

“At a lot of the sites, there’s no way to count the mussels. You’d run out of air.”

National park Service biologist Bryan Moore, Tuesday, on the spread of pesky quagga mussels in the waters of Lake Mead.

“The smoke is drifting, which is a normal phenomenon, into areas that are supposed to be nonsmoking. The only way to have a nonsmoking area is to be a nonsmoking building.”

Nancy York, nursing professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who conducted a survey of air quality in 16 randomly selected non-smoking restaurants in Valley casinos. It was not clear how quickly the state Legislature might be expected to act on results of the study — by allowing customers in the restaurants to resume smoking.

“Former Justice Department civil rights official Bradley Schlozman dubbed left-wing department lawyers ‘commies’ and ‘pinkos’ and said the Civil Rights Division shouldn’t be limited to ‘politburo members’ who belong to some ‘psycopathic left-wing organization designed to overthrow the government.'”

Finding of a report by the department’s inspector general and Office of Professional responsibilIty, released tuesday. IT’S ABSURD TO WORRY SUCH ‘PROGRESSIVES’ MIGHT SEEK TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT, OF COURSE. WHY WOULD THEy need TO?

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