“I wish we would have gotten more.”

Assistant Assembly minority leader Lynn Stewart, R-Henderson, left, joining other “conservative” Nevada Republicans in Carson City Wednesday as they bemoaned the fact Nevada is getting a smaller share than other states of federal “emergency” cash to be spent on projects largely unauthorized under the Constitution, as part of a $787 billion federal Spending package which will have to be paid off by taxing our children. Republicans took the position that U.S. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid of nevada should have done a better job of bringing home the pork.

“Any Republican state legislator who says his or her constituents voted for the language of IP-1 … (an effort by the teachers union … to raise the room tax to pay for higher salaries for teachers regardless of performance) … last November is full of flapdoodle. It’s pure butt-covering spin by namby-pamby Republicans who are already, in just the third week of this legislative session, rolling over on their backs hoping Democrat Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley will rub their little tummies.”

Republican activist Chuck Muth, Feb. 18 in his e-mailed “Muth’s Truths.”

“He’s a liar, him and Blagojevich. I think they were in cahoots. He should resign.”

Gail Doherty, manager of Chicago’s Billy Goat Tavern, on new Illinois U.S. Sen. Roland Burris, appointed by recently impeached Gov. Rod Blagojevich to replace Barack Obama. Blagojevich was removed for offering the senate seat for sale.

“I’m hesitant to ask a question of the veterinary board because the last time I did, I asked whether there was more than one way to skin this cat. After six years, I’ve never lived that down.”

State Sen. Warren Hardy, R-Las Vegas, during a Monday meeting of the Commerce and Labor Committee, responding to testimony on a bill to make regulatory changes concerning the Nevada State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

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