Should Nevada’s senior senator be retired to Searchlight or re-elected to the U.S. Senate?

Harry Reid doesn’t believe much in chit chat. In fact, he once appeared on a late night talk show, and the host literally had to pull teeth to get him to talk.

But what Harry Reid does believe in is Nevada.

Most politicians are best described as “smooth,” “outgoing” and “talkative.”

Harry Reid is best described as “persistent,” “determined” and “independent.” But most of all, Harry Reid is effective. In fact, no other person has done more to make life better for more Nevada families.

As majority leader in the U.S. Senate, Harry Reid has an unrivaled ability to make a difference for us. But his effectiveness isn’t just about his position; it’s also about his personality. When it comes to Nevada families and businesses, this is a man who will not take “no” for an answer.

He’s saved and created 20,000 Nevada jobs by making sure the banks didn’t shut down the construction of CityCenter.

Not many people thought it was possible, but thanks to Harry Reid, CityCenter is now open, attracting thousands of tourists and generating millions of dollars of economic activity.

He protected thousands more jobs by passing legislation allowing Harrah’s and hundreds of other companies to restructure their debt.

Not many people thought it could be done, but thanks to Harry Reid, Harrah’s is now ready to grow again.

He expanded funding for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Most state programs have had to cut kids from their rolls, but thanks to Harry Reid, an additional 37,000 Nevada kids now have health coverage.

He single-handedly defeated an effort to store nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. Most people thought Yucca was inevitable, but thanks to Harry Reid, our tourist economy — and our health — are safe from this disastrous idea.

He’s been a tireless champion for health care reform that reduces health care costs for average families. The pundits have pronounced the bill dead a dozen times, but thanks to Harry Reid, there’s a good chance that Nevada families will soon be protected from out-of-control health care bills.

And that’s not all. Thanks to Harry Reid, Nevada families got an $800 tax cut. He ended the source tax, protecting Nevadans from paying out-of-state taxes on pension plans. He passed a G.I. Bill of Rights to ensure that Nevada veterans get the benefits they’ve earned. And no one has fought harder to protect and invest in our military bases than Harry Reid.

Harry Reid truly has made life better for countless Nevada families. But elections aren’t just about the past; they’re also about the future. And Harry Reid is always thinking about our future.

Harry was one of the first to recognize that Nevada has the ability and resources to help lead the nation in clean energy. So when the Obama administration created a new program to accelerate the construction of clean energy facilities in the United States, Harry Reid made sure that Nevada was at the front of the line.

Two of the first solar plants to be fast-tracked under the program are targeted for construction in Primm sometime in 2010.

But that’s not all.

His solar energy tax credit will create an estimated 41,000 new Nevada jobs. And he’s delivered $160 million for geothermal projects in Northern Nevada that will create an estimated 1,100 more jobs.

Harry Reid is effective, persistent, and visionary. He has clout that no other potential candidate in the race could ever match. He’s delivered more jobs and revenues for Nevada families than anyone in the state’s history.

But there’s one more thing about him that I appreciate more with every passing day: Harry Reid is unfailingly loyal to his friends and family. Many of his friends are people he’s known since he was a boy in Searchlight.

And just a few months ago, Harry and his wife, Landra, celebrated their 50th anniversary. Their commitment and devotion to each other speaks volumes about Harry Reid.

This is yet another way that Harry Reid doesn’t believe in chit chat.

He doesn’t make false promises about family values; he lives them.

Harry Reid is the most powerful senator in the country, but he’s never forgotten where he comes from or who he represents. And that’s why Nevada needs to keep him in the U.S. Senate.

Jan Jones, a Democrat and former mayor of Las Vegas, is senior vice president of Harrah’s Entertainment inc.

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