Sorry, no stimulus check for you

To the editor:

I thought the idea was to become well-educated and then work hard in order to earn more to provide well for your family. Well, I learned last week from a very condescending Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that my husband and I are not hardworking.

Forget the fact that he has to get on a plane every week to go to a site and work, while I work in a middle school. We happen to make slightly more than the cap put in place for the economic stimulus checks. In their brilliant minds, the politicians have determined that even though we have four kids and one in college, and we paid $40,000 last year to the feds and our ancestors helped shape this nation, we don’t deserve the same consideration as others who may have chosen not to get an education and may only have been here a short time.

Well, we’ll get the last laugh, because we are the ones contributing to their campaigns, and I’ll be darned if any of them will get a penny from us.

Michelle Duncan


Time for change

To the editor:

I am an 88-year-old female and a native Nevadan whose ancestors settled in Nevada when it was part of the Utah Territory. To say I’ve seen many changes is putting it mildly.

I’ve tried to be a good, productive and contributing citizen by voting and keeping up with progressive changes. Without change, we get stagnation, which the dictionary defines as “not flowing, hence foul from want of motion; not active, dull.”

For president of our country, we’ve had George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now it looks like Hillary Clinton. If that happens, it looks like stagnation to me — or maybe worse, as in swampy.

I have nothing against any of the above-mentioned people. But we hear a lot about “change,” and change avoids stagnation. We need to think about that as the election rolls around.

Lenore Clay


Still Bill

To the editor:

Oh, come now. Did Barack Obama really enter this race thinking Bill Clinton — the man who didn’t inhale; the man who committed perjury before the entire nation while serving in the highest office in the land; the man who had to be saved from himself by Senate enablers such as Harry Reid — would constrain himself with truth on the campaign stump?

If so, the senator better wake up soon.The Clintons haven’t even sent out James Carville and Paul Begala, the happy-go-lucky goon squad. Once those two are let out of their cages, the tactics Sen. Obama laments as questionable will look, in retrospect, like a Clinton endorsement of his campaign.

S. Deas


Good spouse

To the editor:

The spouse of Hillary Clinton is not doing anything any different than any other candidate’s spouse. He is traveling and campaigning for his wife. Just like Barack Obama’s wife; just like Mitt Romney’s wife — just like all their spouses.

It is no fault of theirs that he is more well-known than any other spouse, and for Sen. Barack Obama to use that as a tactic shows his weakness.

He doesn’t feel they are playing fair? Well welcome to the real world of politics. No one plays fair; they play to win. Bottom line.



Judging judges

To the editor:

It amazes me that suspended District Court Judge Elizabeth Halverson is still collecting her full salary while under investigation. She claims she will be a good judge if reinstated, which I find incredulous.

Judge Halverson continues to mislead the public and make a nuisance of herself. On her Web site, she claims endorsements from people and organizations that endorsed her in 2006, not at present (Thursday Jane Ann Morrison column).

How can she truly expect anyone would actually vote for her again? She abused that trust by her actions, and this misleading Web site information is another example of why she needs to be permanently removed from the bench.

Stephen Dacri


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