State doesn’t need a Reid political dynasty

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid’s 27 years in Congress was a career without achievement, unless you count his pay, pension and personal wealth.

Nevada could have been represented by a doorknob in Congress, and the effect on Nevadans would have been unchanged.

Now we have the offspring, Rory Reid, announcing he will attempt to advance his unremarkable career by being a candidate for governor (“Rory Reid: Diversify state economy,” Thursday Review-Journal). “Like father, like son” is a phrase that is bone-chilling in the case of this politically aspiring family.

Let’s hope that the people of Nevada are smart enough to not burden their state with the creation of a “Reid dynasty” of political ineptitude.

Gerry Lock


Fair share

To the editor:

I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Steven Smith’s Wednesday letter to the Review-Journal (“Biased poll”). Finally, somebody who’s willing to pay his fair share to get government-run health care.

Mr. Smith can’t wait to cast off the mean and nasty private insurance company. Heck, there won’t be any cancellation or denial with the government plan. Of course, there is this little known fact that of all the insurance outlets, it’s Medicaid that denies the most claims.

After federal income, Social Security, Medicaid, state, county, city, water, gas, phone, home and car taxes, I can hardly wait for health care taxes.

My only questions: How much is Mr. Smith willing to pay, and for how long? His lifetime, the lifetime of his kids, his grandkids? What if the government says he needs to pay more than his supposedly fair share?

We all know that the government health care costs will never go up. I mean, all you have to do to know this is to look at your paycheck. I’ve never seen federal, Medicare or Social Security taxes go up. Shoot, even the sales tax doesn’t increase.

Thank God for people such as Mr. Smith, who is willing to pay his fair share.

Forrest A. Henry


Say a prayer

To the editor:

In response to the Thursday letter from Joel Rector arguing that we should all be grateful for the ACLU:

I would go further and say we should all pray for the ACLU.

Val Campbell


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