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Stop the hate, start the healing

To the editor:

The country has spoken, and spoken very, very loudly. We are ready for change, and Sen. Barack Obama is the president who will make this much-needed change.

As I read your Wednesday editorial, “Obama makes it look easy,” I was angry, and I wondered why the Review-Journal could not be at least as gracious as Sen. John McCain was in defeat.

We have had many heated discussions and ugly campaign ads shoved in our faces. Divisions have run amok these past 22 months. It is time for healing, however, the Review-Journal obviously does not agree, or its editorial board would not have printed yet more divisive comments.

I was a life-long Republican until about a year ago. That’s when I started thinking about just what it is that Republicans stand for. They want to take away human rights and an individual’s private lifestyle choices. They want to judge everyone’s behavior and beliefs by one set of standards — theirs. There is no separation of church and state.

I’ve never understood how “good Christians” can be so supportive of no gun controls and their right to bear arms. Perhaps they should study the Second Amendment a bit closer and consider the times in which it was written. I mourn the loss of innocent children because their pistol-packing mamas left a gun within their reach.

In your editorial, you said you’d be watching the Obama presidency, and I hope you do. I don’t expect instant changes, nor do I expect Sen. Obama to be the perfect president, but I do expect that there will be major changes, all eventually for the good of the American people. When I went into the voting booth two weeks ago, I voted only Democratic, and obviously I wasn’t the only one.

We are ready for change and unity among us regardless of our political party or personal beliefs. I hope the Review-Journal will accept defeat graciously and help the citizens of Las Vegas begin their healing process.

Suzanne Harman-Appel


Pass the tissue

To the editor:

If my 8-year-old would have thrown the same tantrum that you threw in your Wednesday editorial, “A sweep for the Bureaucratic Party,” I probably would have sent her to bed without dinner.

Maybe when President Obama corrects the misguided giveaways of the past eight years it will force you — if not to go to bed without a meal — to pass on the caviar appetizer once a month, as your financial privilege status will shrink slightly.

You also gave me a great Christmas idea. I just ordered you a box of crying towels for the new year. You’ll probably need them as you see America return to a country ruled by the people, instead of by the elite rich with a controlling interest in energy and the press.

And it will give your household staff something additional to do, too.

Randall Buie


Government we deserve

To the editor:

The sun did actually rise in the east Wednesday morning, but it couldn’t illuminate one of the darkest days in American history. After more than two centuries as the world’s epicenter of liberty, opportunity and humanity, the United States has joined the ranks of second-tier nations by embracing an economic ideology that has failed everywhere and every time it has been tried.

Within months of being inaugurated, the Obama administration may have enacted legislation that:

— Lifts the income cap on the Social Security tax, which will raise the taxes of anyone making more than $102,000 a year.

— Imposes a “windfall profits tax” on the oil and gas industry, thereby stifling future energy development and raising energy costs across the board.

— Raises taxes on virtually every business in America, leading to higher prices and layoffs.

— Institutes “card check” unionization by eliminating the secret ballot in labor votes, thereby allowing intimidation and bullying to dominate the workplace.

— Re-institutes the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” on broadcasters in a cynical and contemptible effort to silence dissent.

— Over-taxes or bans the sale of ammunition, rendering the Second Amendment and lawfully owned firearms nothing more than museum exhibits.

— Imposes “carbon taxes” and cap-and-trade emission schemes in a futile and expensive effort to “stop global warming.”

— Expands the federal government employment rolls by hundreds of thousands of new workers.

— Adds trillions of dollars in new spending, and new debt, while tax revenues plunge despite massive increases in tax rates.

It is said the American public elects the government it deserves. Never has it been more true. A dark day, indeed.

Brad Burns


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