Taxpayers take it on the chin — again

To the editor:

Well, it looks like hard-working taxpayers are about to get yet another screwing by the fools in Washington.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are losing money. What a surprise! And guess who’s going to get stuck bailing them out (“Seizure called risky option,” Monday Review-Journal)?

Former federal officials from both parties and other assorted crooks, liars, thieves and rats run both agencies. They mess up, make the big bucks, and we pay and pay and pay.

I don’t know about the rest of America, but this is one citizen who has had it. Folks, we can’t let this one slide. They’ve taken our money for years, wasted it, stolen it, and lived the high life at our expense. Get on those phones, send those e-mails, mail those letters and burn up the fax machines; let our congressional delegation know that this is the last straw.

Time for the fat cats to go to jail for a change! Too bad hanging them is out of style.



Out of touch

To the editor:

In my 78 years of life and many presidential elections, I have never seen such a dog and pony show. Have Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain forgotten that the United States was founded on a government of the people, by the people and for the people?

These candidates are all about themselves, and mudslinging seems to be their main objective.

Do either of these candidates really care about the average citizen? I don’t think so. They are rich people who don’t understand the struggle going on in this country — food prices up, gasoline prices up, home values down, people in our government being arrested for their foul deeds.

Somewhere along the line, we dropped the ball, folks. When we turn our country over to people who don’t understand the struggles that the average American is going through, we are in for a lot more trouble than we have now.

Stand up for our country, protest, demand changes that will bring our society back to the center. I’m proud to be an American, but I also want to be sure my grandchildren will be able to live in a truly free country run by leaders who have integrity, decent morals and above all, a commitment to protect the American way of life.

Shirley Brandt


Armchair general

To the editor:

In response to Review-Journal Publisher Sherman Frederick’s Sunday rant on Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, I would like to point out to this armchair general that this war which President Bush started may not be lost, but it certainly has not been won. It will be a long time, if ever, before victory can be declared.

The war in Afghanistan has been going on longer than the one in Iraq, yet we seem to be no further ahead than we were before. The war on terrorism is much bigger than both of these countries and will never be totally eliminated by either one.

We should be focusing our human and material resources on the global threat, rather than being bogged down in these two countries.

Larry Fahey


Share the road

To the editor:

In response to Kevin Eubanks’ Monday letter regarding the lack of respect toward bicyclists by motorists:

This is just another example of the careless driving by so many in this town, be it excessive speeding incomplete stops, and so on. It is unfortunate that our police force does not have the manpower to perform more traffic monitoring services.

However, it is also unfortunate that I encounter, weekly, bicyclists who ride on the sidewalks, ride against traffic or travel two or more abreast, spilling over from the designated bike lane into the automobile right of way.

Four-wheeled motorists here do have a blatant disregard for those on two wheels (including motorcyclists), but sharing the road is a two-way street.

J.J. Kingery


Insulting, illogical

To the editor:

The Sept. 2 commentary by J.D. Tuccille comparing beer wholesaler and potential first lady Cindy McCain to drug trafficker Greg Gibson left me appalled on two fronts.

First, as an English teacher who demands that students write essays which demonstrate logic and clear thinking, I could not believe that such illogical, unreasonable drivel could find its way into print. The two ideas that Mr. Tuccille attempted to compare bear no resemblance to each other.

Second, I could not believe that a class newspaper such as the Review-Journal would even print such ramblings of an illogical mind.

The article was an insult to every thinking person.

Monica Caffarella


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