Think we can afford the cap-and-trade bill?

To the editor:

I would like all of Sen. Harry Reid’s supporters to Google “Obama skyrocket” and listen to Barack Obama explain how the cost of electricity will skyrocket once his cap-and-trade, climate change legislation takes effect.

Sen. Reid and Nevada Reps. Shelley Berkley and Dina Titus are all in favor of this. If you honestly believe that’s good for Nevada, vote for them.

This is a one-issue election: survival.

Richard Santa Maria

Las Vegas

Angle’s ideas

To the editor:

The recent onslaught of propaganda against Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle is terrific. It demonstrates that Ms. Angle has ideas — not the same old tired promises made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

His promises are keeping unemployment high, keeping seniors and young people afraid of losing their health and entitlement benefits, making us concerned about which industry “we” will be taking over next and filling the streets with public employees “fixing” the roads.

All of these promises are paid for by our taxes and the phony money printed by the Federal Reserve. (Of course, according to Sen. Reid, all taxes are voluntary, so don’t worry.)

Ms. Angle cannot phase out Medicare and Social Security by herself. It will take many years and a committed public and Congress to achieve that goal.

But if we don’t start doing something about the national debt and the unfunded liabilities of those programs, the United States will be just as bad off as Greece, Spain and Ireland. It isn’t a pleasant thought.

Sonya Healy

Las Vegas

Too valuable?

To the editor:

In response to James Waltersson’s Friday letter, which argued that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s seniority is too valuable to surrender by voting for Republican Sharron Angle in November:

Here’s what happens if we re-elect Sen. Reid:

He will continue to spend our economy into bankruptcy.

He will continue to rob Social Security.

He will continue to destroy our health care system.

He will continue to raise our taxes with cap and trade, and by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire.

He will continue to demoralize our troops by saying the “war is lost.”

He will continue to trash our Constitution by supporting and promoting extreme progressives for the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is the kind of political power Nevada and the rest of the country can do without.

Tom Porter

North Las Vegas

Will take any job

To the editor:

Day after day, I read articles or letters to the editor, or listen to people complain about the unemployed, saying they just need to get off their rears and find a job rather than continue to collect unemployment benefits.

There are thousands of unemployed people who would like to do just that. They do not like being out of work. If only it were that easy.

When those with degrees or highly skilled workers apply for low-skill jobs, they are told no. Employers do not want to hire them for fear of spending time and money training them, just to have them leave when the economy turns around.

When was the last time you went into a fast-food restaurant and found someone who actually spoke English? Fast-food restaurants hire illegals. People say that’s OK, Americans do not want those jobs. Well, guess what? Yes, they do. There are thousands of people out there who will take anything they can find. We need to stop looking the other way when employers hire illegals.

The U.S. spends billions of dollars on foreign aid. It’s time to start taking care of our own and let every other county take care of their own.

Cindy Johnivan

North Las Vegas

No reason to kill

To the editor:

That local police would kill suspects is no surprise.

What caused me to write, however, was Monday’s letter to the editor from retired Las Vegas police Lt. Ed Pitchford, which attempted to justify one shooting because the unarmed victim did not comply with a police command.

Disobeying a police order might give the police grounds for arrest, but it sure doesn’t give them the right to murder someone.

T. Lane

Las Vegas

More government

To the editor:

State Sen. Mike Schneider is really on to something. His bill to require tire pressure checks (June 30 Review-Journal) is spot on. Giving government more control over our lives seems like a winner.

While Sen. Schneider is at it, why not put a $1,000 fine on drivers who don’t change their oil every 3,000 miles?

To hell with freedom.

Richard Lynch

Las Vegas

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