This endless befuddlement over ‘need’

A letter poured in last week:

“Please tell me who needs an assault weapon other than our military?????? i just do not understand anyone buying one for any good reason other than assault of some horrible kind. i am 71, each day i am more troubled about the world and the direction it’s going in.” 

By the numbers, then:

1) The types of weapons which cynical lawmakers again seek to ban are not assault weapons, which by definition are medium-caliber short carbines that will fire full-auto. “Civilian” (non-police) possession of such true assault weapons as the M-16, the AK-47 or the 1942 Fallschirmjagergewehr (the original assault weapon — I’d love to own one, but a licensed dealer tells me I’d pay $40,000 to $50,000 even if one could be found) is heavily restricted.

In blatant violation of the Second Amendment, our federal masters inform us no more can be manufactured or imported for civilian use. Therefore they are scarce as hens’ teeth, generally possessed only by wealthy collectors.

If you don’t know this, then you literally don’t know what you’re talking about and can play no role in this debate other than as part of an easily manipulable, emotion-driven mob. You’re like an illiterate asking, “Why do people need so many books? People studied ‘Mein Kampf’ and then they went out and committed mass murder. Surely they could be satisfied with fewer, smaller books.” Go to the range. Educate yourself. The weapons our lawmakers now seek to ban — so they can continue to impose their straitjacket of tyranny without getting nervous about our ability to resist — are semi-automatic “look-alikes.”

You think they’re doing this because they care that a few dozen schoolchildren or moviegoers are occasionally murdered by young lunatics doped up on mind-altering drugs by the psychiatrists they happily license? In Iraq or Afghanistan, the deaths of a few dozen children in a drone attack are considered collateral damage from a good morning’s work.

2) As ownership of a weapon useful for fighting off federal tyrants is my natural, civil, human and constitutional right, I don’t have to show you or anyone else my “need” to own such a weapon, any more than an American has to demonstrate to anyone else a “need” to go to church or temple, to pray, to be secure in his or her home against warrantless search and seizure, or to write a letter to the editor.

3) Aside from the fact they’re useful for target shooting and home defense, the reason we “need” to own weapons of military usefulness is so we can organize to secede from or overthrow a tyrannical central government, anytime we please. The fact that the tyrant Lincoln imprisoned newspaper editors, invaded the South, shelled, burned and otherwise murdered thousands of Americans in order to prevent secession in 1865, has not canceled this right.

The fact that the mass murderer Lincoln is honored as a hero in the tax-funded schools is one of the reasons they are more properly dubbed the “mandatory government youth propaganda camps.”

4) No, necessary rebellion in our lifetimes is not a far-fetched possibility. Look at Cyprus, where the proper response to the government last week informing bank depositors they were going to seize 9 percent of their deposits without advance notice (assuming we still want to draw any distinction between “the banks” and “the government”) would be to blow up their banks and hang their political leaders.

Cyprus is now governed by German bankers as surely as Crete was in the early 1940s; the German bankers have just realized they’re less likely to stir up armed resistance if they can do it without resorting to goose-stepping SS legions and those aforementioned fallschirmjager.

5) What you mean “our military,” kimosabe? When the citizens of Vicksburg were hiding in caves and getting shelled to death, would they have said those war crimes were being committed by “our military”? Besides, the BATF and the FBI snipers at Waco weren’t “military,” yet they seemed to have all the firepower they needed, including armed helicopters. You’ve had 20 years to disarm those civilian mass murderers, dear. How’s it going?

Go talk to the European Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals who asked in the 1930s, “Who needs a military-style weapon other than our military?” … assuming you can find any survivors. The Germans are always thorough.

Now, speaking of Cyprus, I hope no Americans are still befuddled enough to doubt that precisely such steps are coming, here. If you doubt that the bankers are also running this country — and similarly running us into bankruptcy — ask why it is that when we make such a “huge, radical” shift as throwing out “ultra-right-wing George W. Bush,” to replace him with “moderate, caring” communist Barack Obama (mentored as a youth by CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis), the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve still end up being run by the same gang of private bankers out of Goldman Sachs.

And what is the response of our government to the attempts to seize innocent civilians’ bank deposits in Cyprus? If this nation were still the Arsenal of Freedom, as we’ve long bragged, Barack Obama today would be offering to airdrop arms and munitions to any credible group of Cypriots willing to blow up their banks and hang their political leaders. Instead, Washington does nothing of the kind. They do the opposite. They look at this coup — closely mirroring the way Frank Roosevelt seized Americans’ private gold in 1933 — and say, “Well, why not?”

(You didn’t know the patrician looter Roosevelt seized Americans’ gold, giving them no choice when his agents the bankers grabbed it from their safe deposit boxes, “compensating” them with greenbacks at a rate of $20.67 an ounce? Wow, those “public schools” are sure teaching you everything you need to know, aren’t they? Look up “Executive Order 6102,” and note the penalty for defiance: 10 years in prison. Which would you rather have today, $414 in greenbacks, or grandpa’s 20 ounces in gold coins, now worth at least $30,000?)

Place in the corrupt, government-controlled banks only those minimal sums necessary to carry on your monthly commerce. Place the rest of your assets in guns, gold, silver and lead, well-secured, and make anyone who tries to seize them pay with his life.

Even if all they’ve left you for the purpose is a semi-automatic “look-alike.”

Vin Suprynowicz is an editorial writer for the Review-Journal, and the author of “Send in the Waco Killers” and the novel “The Black Arrow.” See

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