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Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, which spreads across suburban and rural Clark County, is one of the most closely watched races in the nation. Democratic Rep. Dina Titus, the former state senate minority leader who has voted in lock-step with the speaker throughout her first term, faces a challenge from Republican Joe Heck, a physician and former state senator.

Staying true to her years in the Nevada Legislature, Rep. Titus believes government simply isn’t spending enough to ensure our prosperity. A Keynesian to the core, Rep. Titus backed the president’s "stimulus" giveaway, saying "you can’t say it’s a failure," and advocates expensive additional government spending on green energy, infrastructure, and tax-funded schools. "You have to grow the economy to fix the deficit. … You have to spend to get out of the hole," she says.

Dr. Heck takes the opposite perspective. "We can’t continue to spend money to create a demand where none exists," he says. Dr. Heck advocates growing the economy and creating jobs by embracing policies that encourage private investment and end the climate of fear and uncertainty created by the Democratic leadership. He wants to "reward success, not punish it" by abolishing the estate tax and keeping levies low on capital gains. …

Joe Heck would bring to the office the kind of perspective the House badly needs. He’s a doctor, not a liberal academic or trial lawyer. He’s a colonel in the Army reserve with first-hand knowledge of our wars overseas. He’ll oppose paycheck-shrinking cap-and-trade schemes and back the enforcement of our immigration laws. And he’ll be part of a new class of conservative representatives who "will not repeat the mistakes of Republicans who lost their way. We’re not going to fail the American people again." The Review-Journal endorses Joe Heck in the 3rd Congressional District.

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