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What are the Democrats so surprised about?

To the editor:

I can’t understand how Barack Obama and his Taxocrats are so shocked after a Republican was elected to Ted Kennedy’s seat in the bluest of blue states. Let’s not forget that Massachusetts was once the cradle of American liberty, but is now one of the most regulated, socialist states in the union. What a shame.

Even with the loss of the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, the tea parties and town halls meetings, where open anger was displayed, the Obamacrats are surprised. Even our own Sen. Harry Reid called the angry citizens, voters and taxpayers "evilmongers," without apology. Come November we need to send Harry back to where the Searchlight doesn’t shine.

It took the election of Sen. Scott Brown to wake them up and now, after wasting a year and countless jobs, the Taxocrats want to focus on the economy and jobs. Now the wax is out of their ears.

My God, how can people believe these socialists can govern? I just hope future voters remember the behavior and arrogance of these people and those who support them.

God save America.

Warren Pawliuk



Pious agenda

To the editor:

Why don’t the zealots on the right state their agenda honestly for once? It’s very simplistic actually. All they care about is ending abortion under any circumstances, no rights or funding to minorities and forcing their biblical fairy-tale on anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot.

There is excitement in the air for the extreme right after gaining a Senate seat which, they hope, will advance their pious agenda. In another part of the country a man is on trial for the killing of a doctor who happened to perform abortions. The right will spin it to be about "saving the babies" instead of what it truly is: cold-blooded murder.

Jerry Crafton


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