What to make of these county commissioners?

To the editor:

I am quite perplexed by the sudden and emotional reaction of our beleaguered county commissioners and their leader, Chairman Rory Reid (“Commissioners OK layoffs,” Wednesday Review-Journal). Mr. Reid and his fellow commissioners have spent the past several years enlarging local government, spending like there was no tomorrow, and failing to halt the extensive losses at University Medical Center.

Let’s look at what these commissioners have done so we can understand why they couldn’t lift their heads up during Tuesday’s meeting and instead stared down at the dais, some fidgeting nervously. Over the past several years they have given in to the outrageous demands of their supporters, the public employee unions. They have hired new employees without any concern as to what the cost would be to the taxpayers. They failed to pay any attention to UMC and oversaw annual deficits that increased from about $16 million per year to more than $83 million per year.

Now these same commissioners and Mr. Reid want to slash jobs, cut redundancy in the work force, change the business model of UMC and renegotiate union contracts. In order to facilitate these changes, they formed a 15-person advisory panel to tell them what to do.

Mr. Reid and his fellow commissioners are paid to do their jobs, but it is obvious that they don’t know how to run a governmental agency or how to do what they were elected to do. So why do we need them? Let’s start at the top and fire the entire commission and just hire a businessperson to run the Clark County government. A little common sense would go a long way.

Bob Dubin


Bad for tourism

To the editor:

Sadly, the attempted bombing of a transatlantic flight on Christmas Day will again cause a decline in travel to Las Vegas and other U.S. destinations.

US Airways now operates 20 flights a day to Las Vegas; a few years ago it was 180.

Experiencing the dreary, endless line of traffic on the Interstate 15 will also deter visitors from coming again.

For Las Vegas to survive, we need high-speed rail. Travelers can get here fast, relaxed, having enjoyed a cocktail on the short journey.

Please stop spending money on more hotel rooms. Instead, look for a way for us to fill the ones we have.

Cheryl Roberts



In recent days I have read recaps of 2009, which brought to mind a long unanswered question: When just one person (Nina Radetich) can destroy the credibility of an entire TV news station (Channel 13), why does that person remain in the employ of that station?

Shirley Krause


Spay and neuter

To the editor:

Kudos to Clark County for passing a lifesaving spay/neuter ordinance for cats and dogs (“Commissioners adopt pet sterilization rule,” Wednesday Review-Journal).

This smart move will save animal lives and taxpayer dollars. Every sterilized animal prevents potentially tens of thousands of dogs and cats from being born, only to end up struggling to survive on the streets or in shelters, where many must be euthanized — at taxpayer expense.

Other communities that have passed spay/neuter legislation have seen the results. In Santa Cruz County, Calif., the number of animals entering shelters dropped from 14,000 a year to 5,500 a year after a spay/neuter law was passed. Euthanasia rates have dropped there, too, from 30 percent to 17 percent for dogs and from 60 percent to 50 percent for cats.

Spaying and neutering are among the most routine and safest surgeries veterinarians perform, and they protect animals from several life-threatening diseases. Spayed females have no risk of uterine or ovarian cancer, and are far less likely to develop breast cancer. Neutered males have no risk of testicular cancer and are less likely to develop prostate disease.

Let’s hope that many other communities follow Clark County’s progressive lead.

Lindsay Pollard-Post



Accurate label

To the editor:

In his Monday political notebook, the Review-Journal’s Benjamin Spillman notes that I called Barack Obama a socialist. Mr. Spillman refers to this as “name-calling.” But it was not “name-calling” and was not intended to be. Socialism is an economic system, just as capitalism is.

What I said was that most of us realize that President Obama is a socialist. So if we understand that, then nothing he is doing should surprise us. This is not a derogatory statement but a statement of his Marxist/socialist belief system. In fact, in my next sentence, I went on to give a brief explanation of socialism and what his administration wants to do, and that is to have the government take over as much of our economy as it can.

It seems that only liberals or those who don’t understand that socialism is an economic system are offended by this. I can only assume it is because most people realize that socialism doesn’t work, and so they don’t want to be associated with it.

Richard McArthur



Never met

To the editor:

Will Rogers said he never met a man he didn’t like. Will Rogers never met Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Jeff Silverman


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