Will the poor begin creating jobs?

To the editor:

In response to Martin Elge’s Tuesday letter about the virtues of “trickle-up economics”:

What a load of misinformation. Mr. Elge says that letting President Bush’s tax cuts expire will return the rates to Reagan-era levels. Under President Reagan, the top marginal income tax rate was 28 percent. If the Bush tax cuts expire, the top marginal rate will return to the Clinton-era rate of 39.6 percent. It is presently at 36 percent.

Then Mr. Elge disparages the “wealthy” by implying that they “give jobs out of the goodness of their own hearts.” Balderdash! Companies hire people with the aim to make money, and they hire those who they believe will help them do that the best. The economy might be a “closed loop,” but it is an ever-growing closed loop.

Then Mr. Elge finishes by saying, “Long live trickle-up economics!” What does he mean by that? That poor people provide jobs now? Those on the bottom will provide start-up capital? Insane.

I’m a member of middle-class society, so if I decided to start my own company, I would have to borrow the money. Now, who would be more likely to lend me the money, a poor person or a wealthy person?

Daniel Pursley


Power play

To the editor:

In response to your Tuesday article, “NV Energy seeks rate increase”: I am astounded that the Public Utilities Commission would even consider a 17.5 percent rate increase. We are in a recession.

NV Energy decided to build rather than buy a plant. This cost an additional $235 million that the company now wants to pass along to its customers. This must not be allowed to be passed on to us.

Now let’s ask a few questions:

How many more people will be allowed to add solar panels to their homes? How much more solar power is NV Energy adding to the grid? How much power is being added from wind power?

This utility must be forced to reduce its costs.

I urge the PUC to deny this request.

Michael Kaye


A lot of gall

To the editor:

NV Energy has a lot of gall. With unemployent approaching 8 percent, with cracked nest eggs and income reductions that are causing people to cut back on food and medications, NV Energy wants to increase our rates by 17.5 percent?

We just had what I call a civilized revolution when the country elected Barack Obama. I say we have another one and get rid of NV Energy, or get another power company in for competition. I say have them cut their salaries. I say what John L. Smith said in his Tuesday Review-Journal column: Tell them to stuff it.

Mamie Glorioso


Candidate test

To the editor:

In Thomas Mitchell’s Sunday column (“Just anybody can vote?”), he floated the idea of U.S. citizens being required to pass a civics and current events test before being allowed to vote.

I would probably go along with this, but only under the following condition: Candidates for office should be required to pass the same test. If it’s important for the country to have intelligent and knowledgeable voters, surely it’s more important to prevent the intellectually challenged or incurious from being elected to the highest offices of the land.

Leo Dioso


Foreign policy

To the editor:

Let’s see: Our foreign policy will soon be in the hands of a commander in chief who has the utmost difficulty in making decisions (check his voting record); a vice president who invents and reinvents history; and a secretary of state known to hallucinate when she goes abroad.

Apparently, the electorate forgot Nov. 4 that we live in a dangerous world. Let’s hope and pray that the world becomes less dangerous in the next four years, because with this administration, we have a lot to fear.

James Pappas


Partisan politics

To the editor:

Democratic Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has sicced her pet grand jury on Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki over a college savings program he oversaw years ago as treasurer. Democratic Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie’s highly partisan legislative committee had already investigated Lt. Gov. Krolicki and this program and found no wrongdoing.

A better use of the grand jury’s time would be to find out why the attorney general and Democratic secretary of state, Ross Miller, publicly acknowledged but never seriously investigated ACORN’s voter registration fraud this election year.

Voters would appreciate knowing if two partisan hacks operating under the color of authority covered up the hijacking of Nevada’s election process, giving Democrats state and national victories they didn’t earn.

Lynn Muzzy



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