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Seven simple steps to a sensational and safe shower

You do it every day … and sometimes more than once a day … but, how often do you actually think about your shower routine? And, is it living up to its potential? Follow these seven simple steps and soon your daily shower escape can become sensational and safe – all with only a minimal investment.

Is the protein in your pet’s food causing a deadly disease?

You’ve seen the commercials and print ads: It seems like every pet food maker is touting meat as a top ingredient. Some even go so far as to eliminate grain completely, advertising super-high levels of protein for dogs or cats. But when it comes to pet food and protein, can there be too much of a good thing? According to the experts: yes.

Deck the halls with tissues and allergy meds

Whether you live near or far, returning home for the holidays can be a nostalgic time. But for those with allergies and asthma, celebrating the season with family and friends can be anything but enjoyable.

Experience the robust flavor of Vietnamese cinnamon

Cinnamon may be the world’s most popular baking spice, but all cinnamons are not created equal, and in the foodie world, Vietnamese cinnamon has emerged as the most prized of the bunch. Dark reddish/brown and lushly aromatic, Vietnamese cinnamon is favored for its distinctly sweet, peppery, spicy flavor. Less tannic and more robust than its relatives, it delivers a powerful taste whether used solo – as in those gooey rolls or spirally bread – or in combo with other spices – in a curry or pumpkin pie spice blend, for example.

EDITORIAL: No openness in bargaining, no consequences

The precedent has been set. In the state’s already-skewed binding arbitration process, in which a lone outsider with no stake in the outcome settles contract disputes between local governments and their unions, compliance with the law is optional.

Breeders’ Cup key test for top Horse of Year candidates

More often than not, the Breeders’ Cup decides, on the playing field, who will be the Horse of the Year. This should be one of those years, as the top three candidates — Game On Dude, Wise Dan and Princess of Sylmar — will be racing at Santa Anita Park.

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