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Pacquiao conquers opponents in boxing, political arenas

If Manny Pacquiao has said it once, he has said it a million times, or so it seems — he wants to make the people happy. And for the 500,000 inhabitants of Sarangani Province in the Philippines, nothing says happiness like a new hospital. Or jobs.

Week in Review: Top News

Just six weeks after Dean Heller announced he would run for the U.S. Senate, he was handed the job on Wednesday, when Gov. Brian Sandoval appointed him to finish Sen. John Ensign’s term.

Week in Review: Reporters’ Notebook

A word of advice for people who write press releases: Don’t send us a release on Thursday to inform us that Friday is National Hairball Awareness Day. We generally need more than one day to prepare for something like that.

Devices would let drivers skirt ban on cell use

Cellphone and texting addicts have no reason to fret about Oct. 1 when Nevada is expected to implement a law prohibiting all drivers from texting and using hand-held cellphones. American ingenuity already has developed the technology that will allow drivers to continue to make hands-free calls and even text with little or no inconvenience.

Las Vegas Valley bus routes caught in contract bind

Times are tough when you can’t afford a bus ride. We’re not talking about the passengers who board a coach every day. We’re talking the agency in charge of the Las Vegas Valley’s transportation system, the Regional Transportation Commission.