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Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup – Super in its own way

The last time I watched a Canadian Football League game on television with Canadians was 1994. It was in a ballroom at the Imperial Palace. The Canadians were mostly from Edmonton.

Green Valley High grad named Rhodes Scholar

A Smith College senior from Southern Nevada says she feels “overwhelmed” after becoming the first Rhodes Scholar from the United States in the 143-year history of the prestigious women’s school in Northampton, Mass.

Storing clients’ data raises many questions of security in legal community

As the tools of the office evolve and migrate away from traditional filing cabinet storage to cloud computing, there are concerns over the use of the cloud to store documents, especially by lawyers who are guardians of confidential information.

‘Pawn’ stars roll into Dylan video

Bob Dylan’s interactive “Like a Rolling Stone” video is out and what do you know, there’s the “Pawn Stars” among a cavalcade of lip-syncing celebrities.

5 moments to remember from American Music Awards

No question Justin Timberlake is the man of the year, but oh how the women of pop music proved its their world again at the American Music Awards.

Downtown Grand promises self-parking

Warning: If you want to check out the Downtown Grand Las Vegas, plan on valet parking. At least for the next two weeks. There was no self-parking on my visit Thursday. So the round-and-round driving I did searching for its parking garage was for naught.

McCarthy to get ‘Dirty Sexy’ in Las Vegas

Jenny McCarthy loves Las Vegas, and she’s back, filming a TV special at the Hard Rock Hotel’s club Vinyl on Friday and Saturday nights.

Quick tips on preparing your home for the holidays in a flash

The holidays are an exciting time of year, but it may seem like you never have enough time to get ready. From preparing meals, buying presents and cleaning your home before friends and family arrive, time seems to always run short. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could save time on even one of those monumental tasks? With the right tools, and a few helpful ideas, you’ll be spending your time celebrating the season instead of fretting about the cleaning.

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