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Army medicine: a compelling career choice for all life stages

The U.S. Army has one of the largest comprehensive systems of health care in the country and offers physicians the chance to provide high-quality patient care without concern about the business side of running a practice. Army physicians often practice in diverse environments – from large hospitals in major American cities to rural clinics in third-world countries. These opportunities help expand their professional and leadership skills, regardless of where their careers take them.

Good nutrition important for eye health as you age

Poor vision has many causes and treatments, and as you grow older, you will likely experience some type of vision loss or reduction in visual performance. For older adults, bright lights, glare while driving at night and even blindness can dramatically affect quality of life, but the treatment isn’t just glasses or a stronger prescription – it’s also nutrition and supplementation.

Caring for Mom and Dad: cost-effective tips to create an accessible bathroom

Many boomers caring for their aging parents don’t realize that their bathroom is the most important room in the house. Remodeling a bathroom for an elderly parent can make life not only safer, but also more enjoyable, improving comfort and personal dignity.

Artful design pairings create a culinary paradise in your kitchen

Just as matching food with the right wine can elevate a simple meal to the level of a culinary experience, artfully pairing design elements in your kitchen can turn a utilitarian room into a chef’s paradise.

Bring the beach into your home year round

There’s nothing better than digging your toes in the warm sand, breathing crisp, salty air and hearing the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline. But whether the beach is close to home, or thousands of miles away, you don’t have to leave the memories behind at the summer’s end. There are many creative ways to bring the beach into your home all year long.

Challenges of changing banks; it’s just a myth

Researching the products and customer service offered by banks in your area can take a little digging, but knowing what to look for before you start your search will get you that much closer to a new, happier banking relationship.

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