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6 reasons why you should heat your home with wood in 2015

(BPT) – As temperatures drop, home heating costs increase across the country. In fact, experts predict this winter will be colder than previously expected, and electricity and natural gas prices will climb accordingly, ABC News reports. While the majority of Americans rely on those two sources to heat their homes, there is a time-proven alternative that should warrant consideration for homeowners looking to trim heating costs this winter: heating with wood.

“People have been using wood to heat their homes for thousands of years,” says Chad Hendrickson, brand director for Quadra-Fire. “Rediscovering the value of wood for home heating provides significant rewards for homeowners right now.”

If you’re looking to keep your home comfortably warm this winter while conserving money, consider these six compelling facts in favor of heating with wood:

1. It’s cost-effective. Heating fuel prices vary depending on multiple factors, including where you live. But generally, heating with wood costs less than heating with electricity, natural gas or heating oil, and it’s more cost-stable too. What’s more, it’s plentiful and you can further lower your costs by harvesting it yourself.

2. It’s renewable. Using renewable energy sources is more important than ever. Wood is 100 percent renewable and it costs less than solar or wind power to utilize. When you burn wood, you are also completing the last step of the natural carbon cycle of trees, resulting in a zero net carbon impact on the environment.

3. It’s energy efficient. If you think wood can’t be an efficient way to heat your home, think again. EPA certified wood-burning stoves like those from Quadra Fire meet stringent standards to achieve complete combustion, meaning the units deliver energy efficiency, maximum heat output and minimal smoke and creosote. What’s more, they’re easy to use, providing superior performance and heating power with less work for the homeowner.

4. It’s mood lifting. A crackling fire warms the body and soul on a cold winter night – and a wood-burning stove maximizes heat output and minimizes smoke issues. At the same time, it provides the rustic charm, ambiance, warmth and comfort of a wood fire. A glass window allows you to enjoy the view of the fire while preserving safety. And units like the Quadra-Fire 3100 Limited Edition also feature a convenient integrated wood storage bin under the firebox, so wood is always neatly stacked and readily at hand.

5. It supports your local economy. Fossil fuels like natural gas, oil or coal, and electricity all originate from large corporations in areas that are most often far from your home. When you heat with wood, you’re most likely buying a product that’s sourced locally and probably even from a small business. So while other heating sources put money in the pockets of large corporations, heating with wood can be a great way to support your local economy.

6. It’s good for your health. Heating with electricity, gas or oil requires little more effort than turning up your thermostat. Heating with wood requires you to engage in physical activity such as chopping, lifting and hauling wood, and building a fire. The benefits of exercise are well known, so the exercise associated with burning wood could even help you save on gym costs.

“Wood burning stoves can be an efficient, cost-effective way to heat your home this winter, and provide the ambiance that only a natural wood fire can provide,” Hendrickson says. To learn more about wood stoves, visit www.quadrafire.com.

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