Get gorgeous wedding invitations for less: Insider secrets for boosting style and saving cash

The wedding industry as a whole is in a state of transition. Couples are demanding high levels of quality and style without the associated expense, and they are finding a host of ways to do so.

From off-the-rack retail store wedding dresses to personalized do-it-yourself centerpieces, this movement is alive and well. Perhaps where this industry evolution is most evident is wedding invitations, with more couples exploring online options that let them design, print and produce impressive invites for much less than in the past.

Decades ago, back when your parents got married, shopping for wedding invitations was a time-consuming and expensive process. It usually entailed borrowing a huge book of cardstock, lengthy discussions about print, a detailed ordering process and waiting a month or more for delivery. Today, smart couples sit down in front of their computer and explore discount sites like Ann’s Bridal Bargains that provide affordable, high-quality invitations for as little as  50 cents each.

Why has the process and cost changed so much? Modern technology allows couples to access a wide range of designs so they can find the perfect option to suit their style. Digital printing and and the ability to edit and personalize online make it easier and more affordable to produce high-end looking invitations in a minimal amount of time.

Follow these simple steps to get gorgeous wedding invitations and stay on budget:

Step 1: Go online
Visit and pick out your favorite options  then order free samples so you can see examples in person before making a final decision.

Step 2:  Discover budget-friendly options
Consider these three unique wedding invitation formats that are affordable without sacrificing quality or style:

Petite invitations
Petite is trendy, which means miniature versions of beautiful wedding invitations might be a great option for the trendsetting couple. Smaller wedding invitations also come at a smaller cost – as low as  65 cents each – so you can make a big statement without going over budget.

Seal and send
Eliminating the need for an envelope can be a big cost-cutter, and that’s why seal and send wedding invitations are smart option. These invites have a response card attached are designed to fold into self mailers so there’s no need for an envelope or extra postage.

Invitation sets
Bundling can be a cost-saving approach to wedding invitations, so look for sets that include freebies such as complementary response cards. When you can get an all-in-one price, you can make your budget stretch further.

Step 3: Place your order
Once you place your official order with Ann’s Bridal Bargains, your invitations will typically ship within a day and arrive at your home within a week.

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