One click cash donations – giving money has never been easier

Mobile “one click cash” donations enable you to follow a philanthropic cause that is near and dear to your heart and to help a charity by giving money instantaneously. You do so by using your mobile device – say a cell phone running on Android or an iPhone. Before displaying your generosity via an electronic money transfer, make sure you understand some of the processes a mobile “one click cash” donation goes through.

To help your favorite charity, go to its website and search for the “Donations Online” button. Some organizations may use terms like “Donate Now,” “Mobile one click cash Donation” or “Click Here to Donate” – but all these labels mean the same thing. After locating the donation button, click on it and make sure you read the fine print, or donor agreement, that some organizations insert below the “Donate Now” bottom.

Mobile donations, like other forms of electronic donation, are fast and allow you to quickly provide assistance to people in need or to support your favorite charity’s key campaigns. Donations represent operational cash for some charities, so speedy fund transfer is a welcome process for them. Exhibiting your generosity via mobile also helps you track how much you donated during a specific period – say, a fiscal quarter, month or year. You also can rest assured that your credit card information will not be tampered with or used illegally.

Personal finance
Donations are acts of generosity, and the government provides some economic relief to the donor. The Internal Revenue Service allows you, as a taxpayer, to deduct the amount of monetary gifts you bestowed upon a philanthropic institution during a fiscal year. Talk to your accountant, or someone well aware of the nuances of taxation and fiscal planning, to receive more information about deduction options and limits on charitable donations. Professionals who can help you with questions about mobile donations are as diverse as IRS-enrolled agents, certified public accountants, financial planners, and specialists in all matters of insurance and retirement.

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