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Unlock the secrets to creativity

(BPT) – Expressing creativity is an important element in helping a person grow and everyone taps into their creativity in unique ways. It is not simply about having wacky ideas or a defined artistic talent. There are equally creative scientists, mathematicians and engineers as there are artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. Even wordsmiths play with words to blend them together in interesting ways.

Everyone has individual talents; there’s no way to measure creativity. It remains indisputable, however, that expressing creativity in whatever way you choose is good for your health. Studies on creativity and how it influences a person’s mood have found that when people reflect back on their projects, their attitude and mood are improved, allowing them to put their energies back into more creative endeavors.

If you feel your creativity has been a little stagnant and taken a winter hiatus, here are three ways to encourage those imaginative and inventive juices to start flowing again:

1. Establish a thought journal. Creative thoughts are fleeting – and if you don’t catch them, they’re gone forever. Carrying around a thought journal allows you to get the idea down on paper with little interruption to your life. Each night, take a couple of minutes to read over the day’s thoughts, and see if anything strikes you as a creative idea you can pursue.

2. Explore something new. Sometimes our brains get stuck in a rut, and the best way to jolt them loose is to try something new. Take a class, or start an exercise program. Try to cook a new dish. Learn a new language. As the brain absorbs new information, your creativity will begin to bubble up, giving you a fresh look at everything.

3. Exercise your creativity and participate. Do you have imaginative creatures lurking in your brain? Now is the time to get them out of your head and onto paper.

“What Lives Inside” is the latest social film in the “Inside Film” series being developed by the collaboration of Dell Inc. and Intel Corporation. Directed by Robert Stromberg of Maleficent fame, the storyline features actor Colin Hanks as Taylor, a man who comes home following his father’s (actor J.K. Simmons) death. As he digs into his father’s work as a children’s puppeteer, he discovers the extent of his father’s imagination and how creative he is as well.

Everyone is invited to join in the creativity as the film is being developed. Fans can create and submit sketches for characters for potential inclusion in the film, which will debut exclusively on Hulu on March 25. Visit www.WhatLivesInside.com to watch the movie trailer and see drawings that have already been submitted. Submissions close March 9, and Stromberg will pick the winning drawings that will appear in the film.

Don’t ever let your creativity be diminished. Use these tips to unlock your creativity and apply it toward everything you do in life.

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