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Social media users react harshly to Dave Bliss hiring

Calvary Chapel Christian School may never have been so much in the public eye.

Just hours after the Review-Journal reported the school hired Dave Bliss to be its boys basketball coach and athletic director, social media went wild with the hire.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Bliss’ name was trending on Twitter, and not for good reasons.

Many netizens, including those who may never have heard of the small private school prior to Wednesday, sharply criticized the hiring.

Bliss was at the center of a murder scandal at Baylor University in 2003, was accused of violating NCAA rules while at Southern Methodist in the 1980s and was suspended from coaching and school administration by a Texas high school association in 2010.

“I guess news doesn’t travel to Las Vegas. Dave Bliss is coaching again at faith-based high school,” wrote Twitter user Barry Horn.

That’s among the tamer tweets.

“After what he did at Baylor Dave Bliss is unworthy of a job scrubbing toilets at a school, let alone coaching basketball at one,” wrote Twitter user Jason Bernstein.

Doug Zaleski, a Muncie, Indiana based writer and sports radio host tweeted: “Remember Dave Bliss, perhaps the most reprehensible coach in NCAA history? Well, he’s guiding HS players now.”

Mikey Hlabasko wasn’t quite as kind, posting on Twitter: “There are probably thousands of convicted violent criminals I would trust to coach my kid more than I’d trust Dave Bliss.”

Other tweets were a little too vulgar to be repeated as several users were quite passionate in their dislike.

One user went so far as to go to Calvary Chapel’s sports website and find the form to send the school a message. Terrence Payne posted a photo of someone filling out the form pretending to be Dave Bliss and informing the school of the Baylor scandal.

A television station in Dallas, even chimed in. Posted on the WFAA Sports Facebook page: “Dave Bliss is going to coach high school kids. That’s a dangerous recipe.”

It wasn’t just Bliss who was criticized by social media users. The school also is taking a few lumps.

“How does anyone say … what do you guys think of Dave Bliss for the job? Seems like right fit. Then pass thru all channels. Incredible,” wrote Twitter user Joe Morse.

Twitter user TK even suggested the school pick up a new football coach, one who should be free in a couple of months.

“Calvary Chapel ‘Christian’ School hires Dave Bliss…incredible. Why not hire O.J. (Simpson) to coach the football team too? #shameonyou,” he wrote.

And just in case the school has more hiring to do, Twitter user Jay Siskin offered some advice. “Dave Bliss doesn’t deserve another coaching opportunity. The school should’ve used the Internet to do research. #GoogleIsYourFriend,” he wrote.

Of the hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts that showed up in simple searches, not one seemed to support the hiring, though based on the hatred of the anti-Bliss posts, his supporters likely would be shouted down.

There’s still plenty of time for the school and Bliss to try to build good will. High school basketball season in Nevada begins Nov. 23.

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