Prop Bet Scorecard

Results of some Super Bowl prop bets, based on the opening lines and prices at Station Casinos:

Margin of victory: Ravens by 1 to 3 points, 5-1

First scoring play: Ravens passing touchdown, 7-2

Last scoring play: Safety, 40-1

First touchdown: Anquan Boldin, 8-1

Last touchdown: Colin Kaepernick, 8-1

First Ravens touchdown: Anquan Boldin, 3-1

First 49ers touchdown: Michael Crabtree, 7-2

First Ravens reception: Vonta Leach, 10-1

First 49ers reception: Michael Crabtree, 10-11

Team to score first: Ravens, plus-105

Team to score last: 49ers, minus-125

Team to score first wins game: Yes, minus-165

Score in final two minutes of first half?: Yes, minus-250

Will either team have at least three unanswered scores?: Yes, minus-170

Successful two-point conversion?: No, minus-600

Safety?: Yes, plus-800

Defensive or special teams touchdown?: Yes, plus-150

Overtime?: No, minus-1200

First score will be: Touchdown, minus-165

Last score will be: Field goal or safety, plus-155

Team to score last in first half: 49ers, minus-115

Team to score last wins game: No, plus-175

Total points scored odd/even: Odd, minus-140

Shortest touchdown over/under 1½ yards: Under, minus-145

Longest touchdown over/under 45½ yards: Over, minus-125

Ravens first-half total over/under 10½: Over, plus-105

49ers first-half total over/under 13½: Under, -115

Ravens total points over/under 21½: Over, minus-130

49ers total points over/under 26: Over, minus-125

Total QB sacks (both teams) over/under 4½: Over, plus-120

QB sacks by Ravens over/under 2: Over, minus-110

QB sacks by 49ers over/under 2½: Under, minus-170

Team to receive opening kickoff: 49ers, minus-140

Opening kickoff a touchback?: Yes, minus-185

Total touchdowns in game over/under 5½: Over, minus-130

Longest field goal over/under 44½ yards: Under, plus-100

Shortest field goal over/under 24½ yards: Under, minus-105

Successful fourth-down conversion?: No, plus-170

First Ravens scoring play: Touchdown, minus-160

First 49ers scoring play: Field goal, plus-140

Score in first 7:30 of game?: Yes, minus-170

Team to commit first turnover: 49ers, minus-105

Total field goals in game over/under 3½: Over, plus-120

Team to make longest field goal: Ravens, minus-135

Missed field goal by either team?: No, minus-105

Ray Rice longest rush over/under 17½: Under, minus-175

Ray Rice rushing attempts over/under 17½: Over, plus-110

Ray Rice rushing yards over/under 67½: Under, minus-155

Ray Rice receiving yards over/under 32½: Under, minus-150

Ray Rice receptions over/under 3½: Over, plus-135

Bernard Pierce receiving yards over/under 5½: Under, minus-185

Bernard Pierce rushing yards over/under 32½: Over, plus-130

Vonta Leach rushing yards over/under 5½: Under, minus-200

Vonta Leach receiving yards over/under 9½: Over, plus-150

Ed Dickson receiving yards over/under 14½: Over, plus-100

Anquan Boldin receptions over/under 4½: Over, minus-155

Anquan Boldin receiving yards over/under 69½: Over, plus-105

Anquan Boldin longest reception over/under 27½: Over, plus-110

Torrey Smith receptions over/under 3½: Under, minus-140

Torrey Smith receiving yards over/under 63½: Under, minus-130

Torrey Smith longest reception over/under 28½: Under, minus-135

Dennis Pitta receiving yards over/under 45½: Under, minus-140

Dennis Pitta receptions over/under 4: Push

Jacoby Jones receptions over/under 1½: Under, plus-105

Jacoby Jones receiving yards over/under 20½: Over, plus-105

Will Joe Flacco throw an interception?: No, plus-120

Will Joe Flacco throw a touchdown or interception first?: Touchdown, minus-230

Joe Flacco touchdown passes over/under 1½: Over, minus-115

Joe Flacco completions over/under 20½: Over, minus-135

Joe Flacco pass attempts over/under 34½: Under, minus-105

Joe Flacco gross passing yards over/under 250½: Over, minus-115

Colin Kaepernick rushing yards over/under 50½: Over, plus-130

Colin Kaepernick longest rush over/under 19½: Under, minus-155

Will Colin Kaepernick throw an interception?: Yes, minus-135

Will Colin Kaepernick throw a touchdown or interception first?: Interception, plus-210

Colin Kaepernick touchdown passes over/under 1½: Under, minus-130

Colin Kaepernick completions over/under 17½: Under, minus-115

Colin Kaepernick pass attempts over/under 27½: Over, minus-120

Colin Kaepernick gross passing yards over/under 232½: Over, minus-135

Frank Gore receiving yards over/under 17½: Under, minus-145

Frank Gore receptions over/under 1½: Under, plus-105

Frank Gore rushing attempts over/under 20½: Under, minus-165

Frank Gore rushing yards over/under 82½: Over, minus-110

Frank Gore longest rush over/under 17½: Over, plus-105

LaMichael James receiving yards over/under 9½: Under, minus-170

LaMichael James rushing yards over/under 25½: Under, minus-145

Delanie Walker receiving yards over/under 20½: Over, minus-115

Delanie Walker receptions over/under 1½: Over, minus-115

Michael Crabtree receptions over/under 6: Under, plus-120

Michael Crabtree receiving yards over/under 78½: Over, minus-140

Michael Crabtree longest reception over/under 29½: Over, plus-130

Randy Moss receiving yards over/under 35½: Over, plus-110

Randy Moss receptions 2½: Under, minus-140

Randy Moss longest reception 17½: Over, minus-110

Vernon Davis receiving yards over/under 50½: Over, plus-120

Vernon Davis receptions over/under 3½: Over, plus-125

Vernon Davis longest reception over/under 20½: Over, minus-115

Will Ray Rice score a touchdown?: No, minus-140

Will Torrey Smith score a touchdown?: No, minus-170

Will Anquan Boldin score a touchdown?: Yes, plus-140

Will Dennis Pitta score a touchdown?: Yes, plus-160

Will Bernard Pierce score a touchdown?: No, minus-600

Ray Lewis tackles/assists over/under 11½: Under, minus-145

Bernard Pollard tackles/assists over/under 6½: Under, minus-110

Haloti Ngata tackles/assists over/under 4: Under, minus-155

Terrell Suggs tackles/assists over/under 4½: Under, plus-110

Ed Reed tackles/assists over/under 4½: Over, plus-170

Will Ed Reed intercept a pass?: Yes, plus-400

Will Frank Gore score a touchdown?: Yes, minus-130

Will Michael Crabtree score a touchdown?: Yes, minus-115

Will Randy Moss score a touchdown?: No, minus-450

Will Vernon Davis score a touchdown?: No, minus-220

Will LaMichael James score a touchdown?: No, minus-500

Will Colin Kaepernick score a rushing touchdown?: Yes, plus-155

Patrick Willis tackles/assists over/under 8: Over, plus-130

NaVorro Bowman tackles/assists over/under 8: Over, minus-115

Justin Smith tackles/assists over/under 4½: Under, minus-135

Donte Whitner tackles/assists over/under 5: Over, plus-110

Who wins coin toss?: Ravens, minus-110

Ravens first downs over/under 19½: Over, minus-115

49ers first downs over/under 20½: Over, minus-115

Total interceptions (both teams) over/under 1½: Under, minus-110

Total lost fumbles (both teams) over/under 1½: Over, plus-145

Team to make first field goal: 49ers, minus-110

Total punts (both teams) over/under 9½: Under, minus-140

Ravens penalties over/under 7: Under, minus-115

49ers penalties over/under 6: Under, minus-115

Total penalties (both teams) over/under 13: Under, minus-115

Team with longest touchdown: Ravens, minus-110

Number of different passers (both teams) over/under 2½: Under, minus-360

Number of Ravens with a reception over/under 6½: Over, minus-220

Number of 49ers with a reception over/under 6½: Under, plus-100

Will game be decided by exactly 3 points?: Yes, plus-350

Will at least one quarter be scoreless?: No, minus-330

Total Ravens rushing yards over/under 108½: Under, minus-120

Total 49ers rushing yards over/under 156½: Over, minus-110

Will the Ravens score in all four quarters?: Yes, plus-220

Will the 49ers score in all four quarters?: Yes, plus-200

Jersey number of first player to score over/under 27½: Over, minus-105

Justin Tucker points over/under 7½: Over, minus-115

David Akers points over/under 7½: Over, minus-115

Andy Lee total punts over/under 4½: Under, minus-135

Sam Koch total punts over/under 5: Under, minus-125

Ravens points minus-5 vs. Paul Pierce points Sunday vs. Clippers (22): Ravens, minus-115

49ers points plus-4 vs. Kobe Bryant points Sunday vs. Pistons (18): 49ers, minus-115

Randy Moss receiving yards minus-5½ vs. LeBron James points Sunday vs. Raptors (30): Moss, minus-115

Colin Kaepernick touchdown passes vs. Sidney Crosby points Sunday vs. Capitals (3): Crosby, minus-115

A blackout will occur in the Superdome during the game: Just kidding, there was no such prop

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