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Super Bowl 50 prop bets

CG Technology
* Will the team that scores first win the game? (Yes minus-170; No plus-150)
* Will the team that scores last win the game? (Yes minus-220; No plus-180)
* Will there be a defensive or special teams touchdown? (Yes plus-130; No minus-150)
* Will there be a 2-point conversion attempted? (Yes plus-190; No minus-230)
* Will the Panthers score in every quarter? (Yes plus-200; No minus-240)
* Will the Broncos score in every quarter? (Yes plus-290; No minus-360)
* Distance of first Peyton Manning touchdown pass: 10½ yards (Over/Under minus-115); if no touchdown pass, wager is refunded.
* Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) combined points, rebounds and assists Saturday versus Super Bowl total points (-2½)
* First turnover of the game: Fumble (3-2), Interception (10-13), No turnover (11-2); turnover on downs does not count.
* Cam Newton first pass attempt: Completion (-165), Incomplete (27-20), Interception (9-1)
Golden Nugget
* Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? (Yes/No minus-105)
* The first score of the game: Touchdown (minus-150), Field goal/safety (plus-120)
* Longest touchdown of the game: 43½ yards (Over/Under minus-115)
* Will there be a score in the first 6:30 of the game? (Yes/No minus-115)
* Will there be a score in the last 3:30 of the game? (Yes minus-160; No plus-130)
* Total accepted penalties in the game: 12½ (Over minus-105; Under minus-125)
* Will the game be tied after 0-0? (Yes plus-110; No minus-140); scores calculated after conversions.
* Longest kickoff return by the Broncos: 21½ yards (Over/Under minus-115)
* Who will have more passing yards: Newton (-16½) versus Manning
* Which team will have the longest touchdown drive? (Panthers minus-140; Broncos plus-110)
MGM Resorts
* Total first downs in the game: 39½ (Over minus-110; Under minus-120)
* Total number of Broncos players to have a reception: 8½ (Over plus-210; Under minus-260)
* Pass attempts by Manning: 36½ (Over/Under minus-115)
* Yards of longest completion by Newton: 35½ (Over/Under minus-115)
* Touchdown passes thrown by Newton: 1½ (Over minus-140; Under plus-110)
* To throw the first touchdown: Newton minus-150; Manning plus-130
* To throw the first interception: Newton plus-120; Manning minus-150
* Rushing yards by Panthers’ Jonathan Stewart: 75½ (Over plus-120; Under minus-150)
* Rushing yards by Broncos’ C.J. Anderson: 71½ (Over plus-130; Under minus-160)
* Will Newton score a rushing touchdown? (Yes plus-105; No minus-135)
South Point
* Will Manning take the Broncos’ last offensive snap? (Yes minus-450; No plus-375); excludes point-after try, field goal or punt.
* Will there be a safety? (Yes plus-500; No minus-750)
* Will the game go into overtime? (Yes plus-500; No minus-750)
* The player to call the opening coin toss is: Correct minus-102; Wrong minus-102
* Will the game be decided by exactly 3 points? (Yes plus-375; No minus-450)
* Will there be a roughing-the-passer penalty called in the game? (Yes plus-120; No minus-140).
* Will either team make a field goal in the second quarter? (Yes minus-300; No plus-250)
* Total number of players to have a passing attempt: 2½ (Over plus-170; Under minus-200)
* Longest rush by Newton: 12½ yards (Over/Under minus-110)
* Total receiving yards by Panthers’ Greg Olsen: 67½ (Over/Under minus-110)
Station Casinos
* Team to call the first timeout: Broncos/Panthers minus-115
* Total points scored in the game will end in: Odd number (minus-135); Even number (plus-105)
* Total touchdowns scored in game: 5½ (Over plus-120; Under minus-150)
* Receptions by Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas: 5½ (Over/Under minus-115)
* Will any Broncos player score two or more touchdowns? (Yes plus-250; No minus-330)
* Will Manning throw a first-quarter touchdown pass? (Yes plus-250; No minus-330)
* Will Newton throw a fourth-quarter touchdown pass? (Yes plus-115; No minus-145)
* Alternative game total: 38½ (Over minus-300; Under plus-220)
* Will Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly intercept a pass? (Yes plus-250; No minus-330)
* Which will be higher: UNLV basketball points scored at Fresno State on Saturday or Broncos’ Thomas receiving yards? (Thomas minus-1½)
* Will either team score three straight times? (Yes minus-175; No plus-155); excludes extra points.
* Will both teams make 33-yard or longer field goals? (Yes plus-110; No minus-130)
* Distance of first made field goal of the game: 34½ yards (Over/Under minus-110)
* Largest lead of the game by either team: 13½ points (Over minus-190; Under plus-170)
* Will at least one quarter be scoreless? (Yes plus-280; No minus-340)
* Total points by Panthers kicker Graham Gano: 8½ (Over plus-110; Under minus-130)
* Total third-down conversions by Panthers: 5½ (Over minus-120; Under plus-100)
* Manning will have more passing yards in which half? First plus-100; Second minus-130
* Who will have more: Kevin Durant points for Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday or Manning completions? (Durant minus-6½).
* Who will have more: LeBron James points for Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday or shortest made field goal of the Super Bowl? (James plus-1½)
William Hill
* Will the opening kickoff be a touchback? (Yes minus-170; No plus-150)
* First offensive play from scrimmage: Run minus-150; Pass plus-130
* Team to record first sack in the game: Panthers plus-115; Broncos minus-135
* Total net yards by both teams: 662½ (Over/Under minus-110)
* Will there be a lead change in the second half? (Yes plus-130; No minus-150)
* Will there be a successful fourth-down conversion? (Yes minus-175; No plus-155)
* What will happen first? Broncos punt (minus-170); Broncos score (plus-150)
* Will Manning throw an interception? (Yes minus-200; No plus-175)
* Will the Broncos’ Von Miller record a sack? (Yes minus-180; No plus-160)
* Player to be voted MVP: Newton minus-140 favorite; Manning plus-300
Official rules posted at all sports books.


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