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Mayweather-Pacquiao opinion poll

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is about a 2-1 favorite over Manny Pacquiao in Saturday’s fight at the MGM Grand Garden. A survey of opinions from Las Vegas Review-Journal staff members, other media, oddsmakers and professional handicappers:

Mark Anderson, Review-Journal: Mayweather by decision

Another methodical performance by Mayweather, who will cruise to victory.

John Avello, Wynn Las Vegas sports book: Mayweather by decision

Arguably the best defensive fighter of our time, Mayweather finds a way to outscore a motivated Pacquiao in a close-scoring decision.

Clay Baker, ESPN Radio 1100: Pacquiao by split decision

Floyd will provide flawless defense, but Manny will stalk him around the ring and end the rounds with flurries.

Jim Barnes, Review-Journal: Pacquiao by decision

Mayweather will moan that he landed the cleaner blows (and he will be right), but the judges will reward Pacquiao’s high work rate and aggressiveness with a controversial decision that begs for a rematch.

Brian Blessing, Sportsbookradio.com: Mayweather by decision

Pacquiao presses the issue from the opening bell, but Floyd’s defensive prowess and ability to counter punch wins the day in the judges’ eyes.

Steve Carp, Review-Journal: Mayweather by decision

Pacquiao will have his moments, but in the end, the judges will give the nod to Mayweather and the ‘0’ remains intact.

Dave Cokin, ESPN Radio 1100: Mayweather by decision

Superior tech skills keep Floyd perfect, but I suspect this is close enough to warrant the megabucks rematch.

Tim Dahlberg, The Associated Press: Mayweather by decision

I keep looking for ways for Pacquiao to win this fight, and every time I come up with the same conclusion — size matters, and Mayweather is going to have a real advantage against Pacquiao.

Joe D’Amico, Aasiwins.com: Draw

Floyd can’t knock out Manny, and Pacquiao isn’t as fast as Mayweather, so this is going to be a close one with inevitable controversy, therefore I’m going with a draw and a bigger-money rematch in the cards.

Todd Dewey, Review-Journal: Pacquiao by split decision

Pacquiao’s aggressive style will be rewarded in a controversial decision that will set the stage for a rematch.

Bill Dwyre, Los Angeles Times: Pacquiao by decision

All the pressure is on Mayweather, who cherishes his unbeaten record, and it will come down to a decision and the three people in the worst spot in the universe on Saturday night will be the judges.

Chuck Edel, SportsXradio.com: Mayweather by decision

Mayweather will be too elusive for Pacquiao.

Chuck Esposito, Sunset Station sports book: Mayweather by split decision

This sets up the hype for the rematch.

Royce Feour, retired Review-Journal boxing writer: Mayweather by decision

My pick is Mayweather because of his outstanding defense, boxing ability, size advantage and counter-punching ability in a fight that he could win eight rounds to four or nine rounds to three.

Doug Fitz, SystemPlays.com: Mayweather by decision

It should be a competitive fight with Pacquiao challenging Mayweather for the full 12 rounds.

Bernie Fratto, ESPN Radio 1100: Mayweather by decision

History has shown when the bigger fighter is also the better defender, that’s a winning parlay, which means Floyd prevails by decision.

Ed Graney, Review-Journal: Draw

It’s boxing, so doesn’t it make perfect sense that the most overhyped fight in history will end with all hell breaking loose?

Kevin Iole, Yahoo Sports: Mayweather by decision

Pacquiao’s style is probably the one you’d want to use if you picked a fighter to beat Mayweather, but Pacquiao is open to be hit and available for counters and Mayweather is so aware in the ring that he will make the adjustments he needs to make and win.

Andy Iskoe, TheLogicalApproach.com: Mayweather by split decision

Floyd is a brilliant tactician whose knowledge of how to impress the judges makes him the more likely of the two fighters to cause frustration and a deviation from the game plan, enabling him to wear down Pacquiao and win the close rounds.

Ron Kantowski, Review-Journal: Mayweather by decision

The Money Team makes its biggest deposit yet, but will it be memorable?

Aaron Kessler, Golden Nugget sports book: Mayweather by decision

You can’t beat what you can’t hit, and Pacquiao isn’t fast enough to hang with the champ.

Jay Kornegay, Westgate sports book: Mayweather by split decision

There is just enough from Pacquiao’s corner to warrant a rematch, but TMT cashes again.

Dana Lane, DanaLaneSports.com: Mayweather by decision

This will be a close or controversial victory for Floyd, fueling the fire for fight No. 2.

Allen Leiker, Review-Journal: Mayweather by decision

Pacquiao had knockout power five years ago — when these two should have fought — and might have caught Mayweather then, but he’s lost it and can’t win a decision.

Art Manteris, Station Casinos sports books: Pacquiao by decision

Pacman in a close decision — the first time ever I liked opposite Mayweather.

Bruce Marshall, Goldsheet.com: Mayweather by decision

Floyd remains savvy enough to stay out of harm’s way and pile up enough points to take what likely ends up a rather lackluster decision.

Jason McCormick, Red Rock sports book: Draw

Manny early, Mayweather late, and the hype has only just begun for the rematch.

Tony Miller, Golden Nugget sports book: Mayweather by decision

A one-sided fight all the way, as Mayweather is just too fast.

Mitch Moss, ESPN Radio 1100: Mayweather by decision

It’ll be close, and Pacquiao will have a chance to pull it out late, but Mayweather is just too good and he’ll win again.

Marc Nelson, Aliante sports book: Mayweather by decision

Mayweather is still a superior tactician and boxer, and the only way I see Manny winning is with a lucky shot, something that rarely happens to Mayweather.

Dan Rafael, ESPN: Mayweather by decision

Since the possibility of the fight first came up in 2009, I’ve thought it was a fantastic style match and that Mayweather would beat Pacquiao by decision, and five years later that’s still my opinion.

Wes Reynolds, handicapper @WesReynolds1: Mayweather by decision

Floyd has had the most calculated career of any modern-day boxer, he doesn’t take this fight unless he knows he can win, and he got the perfect referee in Kenny Bayless to let him clutch and grab.

Micah Roberts, The Linemakers on SportingNews.com: Mayweather by decision

This is like a blue-light special at K-Mart with slashed prices, and I can’t resist playing the best fighter in the world at half the price it should be.

Jay Rood, MGM Resorts sports books: Mayweather by decision

Why change what has worked 47 times — the fight will heat up in the middle rounds, but the late rounds will go to a defensive and counter-punching Mayweather (116-112).

Ed Salmons, Westgate sports book: Mayweather by decision

Let’s try this again.

David Schoen, Review-Journal: Mayweather by decision

“Money” spends most of the night backing up, and the fight is a bigger letdown than the Apple Watch.

Jeff Sherman, Westgate sports book: Mayweather by decision

Expecting Pacquiao to come at Mayweather early, but Mayweather to squeeze out more rounds to take a close decision.

Kelly Stewart, KellyinVegas.com: Draw

Though I’ll be on Mayweather for the fight, there was a serious amount of value in the draw at around 15-1 odds because both fighters have been known to go the distance and “Money” Mayweather would draw his biggest payday ever with a rematch.

Ken Thomson, Yahoo Sports Radio: Mayweather by decision

My heart wants Manny, but my brain says Floyd stays away and outscores him with the jab, so for Pacman to win he needs a 10-8 round.

Dave Tuley, ESPN.com, ViewfromVegas.com: Draw

The fighters should trade rounds back and forth, and there’s a decent chance (at least better than in most major fights) that Mayweather and Pacquiao each win on one judge’s card with a third scoring it a draw.

Mal Van Valkenburg, Review-Journal: Pacquiao by decision

Mayweather for the first time is fighting someone on the same level as himself, only with more power, and if Pacquiao starts strong, Mayweather will have to play catch-up and be out of his comfort zone.

Jonathan Von Tobel, ESPN Radio 1100: Mayweather by decision

Pacquiao gets some big shots in, but Mayweather outlasts him and wins a close decision.

Kenny White, The Linemakers on SportingNews.com: Mayweather KO (9)

He’s simply the stronger pound-for-pound fighter, and he has never lost.

George Willis, New York Post: Mayweather by decision

Mayweather by decision, maybe 8-4, after Pacquiao opens fast and wins a few early rounds.

Matt Youmans, Review-Journal: Mayweather by decision

Pacquiao will force the action early, but Mayweather will win most of the late rounds and cash in a close decision.

Totals: Mayweather 34, Pacquiao 6, Draw 5

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