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Classic kiss cam video: She’s ‘My Sister’

This brother couldn’t have been more prepared when he took his sister to a Minnesota-Michigan hockey game on Valentine’s Day.

During the game, a kiss camera scans the crowd and lands on Adam Martin and his sister, Maria Martin, who clearly weren’t going to kiss for the camera.

In this video, when Adam and Maria notice they are on the kiss cam, Maria looks at her brother and shakes her head. Then Adam reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a piece of paper.

Adam unfolds the paper and holds it up with a serious expression on his face while Maria bursts into laughter.

The sign read “My Sister” with an arrow pointing to Maria, who on his left.

And the crowd goes nuts.

Adam spoke to CBS Minnesota after the video had been posted on YouTube on Monday by the Minnesota Gophers.

“Bringing her to the game on Valentine’s Day,” he told CBS Minnesota. “The perception whether at the game or before it is that we’d look like we were on a date, so I wanted to make sure that there was a clean line, a sibling line between the two of us.”

Minnesota Gopher marketing department’s Deven Pacheco said they all got a kick out of it when it unfolded. Pacheco was on a headset when the marketing department lined up the kiss cam shot.

“We had a great shot lined up,” Pacheco told CBS Minnesota “And then he pulls out this sign, and we died laughing.”

During the interview with CBS Minnesota, Adam spoke to his sister on the phone and asked what she thought of it all.

“I thought you were being an embarrassing older brother,” Maria joked.

The video had received more than 7 million views by Thursday morning.

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