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Community Sports – 02/11/09



City Of Henderson Adult Basketball League

Team W L

Showtime 8 1

Hunter 7 1

Back 2 Basics 7 2

Houdini 7 2

Xavier 4 5

Misfits 3 6

Southern Shooters 3 6

Grandview 2 7

Las Vegas Sunburn 2 7

Aerial Display 2 8

National Junior Basketball

Northwest Chapter

Rookies Division

Team W L

Sonic Boom 6 1

Longhorns 5 2

Bulldogs 5 3

Razorbacks 5 3

Bulls 4 4

Irish 3 5

Magic 3 5

Cougars 0 8


Irish 34, Bulldogs 27

Razorbacks 29, Sonic Boom 25

Bulls 32, Longhorns 27

Magic 33, Cougars 24

Division 1 Boys

Team W L

Lakers 6 2

Suns 5 2

Rockets 5 3

Celtics 4 4

Bulldogs 3 4

Nets 0 8


Bulldogs 52, Celtics 44

Rockets 44, Suns 41

Lakers 48, Nets 34

Division 2 Boys

Team W L

Irish 7 1

Rebels 6 2

Suns 5 3

NJB Ballers 4 4

Dolphins 2 6

Fire 0 8


Suns 36, Fire 23

Rebels 30, NJB Ballers 28

Irish 29, Dolphins 27, 2OT

Division 3 Boys

Team W L

Bobcats 7 1

Tarheels 7 1

Wildcats 7 1

Celtics 3 5

Thunder 3 5

Rebels 3 5

Bearcats 1 7

Cougars 1 7


Wildcats 21, Cougars 11

Rebels 30, Bearcats 11

Tarheels 26, Thunder 15

Bobcats 34, Celtics 29

High School Boys Division

Team W L

Vipers 8 1

Defenders 6 4

Sooners 5 4

Hornets 5 5

Jazz 4 6

Blue Devils 1 9


Vipers 92, Jazz 40

Hornets 43, Blue Devils 40

Sooners 63, Defenders 37

Hornets 65, Jazz 35

Defenders 55, Blue Devils 45

Division 1 Girls

Team W L

Polynation 6 1

Mini Gaels 5 1

Rebels 5 2

Hoopsters 2 4

Hoyas 2 5

AND 1 0 7


Rebels 36, AND1 10

Polynation 22, Hoopsters 16

Mini Gaels 33, Hoyas 11

Division 3 Girls

Team W L

Wolfpack 8 0

Sparks 6 2

Rockers 5 3

Bulldogs 3 5

Comets 1 7

Spiders 1 7


Sparks 34, Spiders 21

Wolfpack 33, Comets 21

Rockers 17, Bulldogs 11


Southern Nevada Golf Association

SNGA Senior Season Opener

At Las Vegas National Golf Club

Scratch Results

Steven Fink 81-73–154

Tom Hyland 76-78–154

Douglas Pool 78-80–158

Danny Ganier 78-81–159

John Garrett 80-80–160

Ron Masse 84-78–162

Brian McShane 85-78–163

Ron Ramsey 82-81–163

Bob Martin 82-81–163

Steve Paulsen 86-77–163

Kevin Parrish 87-77–164

Paudie O’Connor 85-79–164

Terry Payne 81-83–164

Lance Baral 81-85–166

Scott Godino 86-81–167

Johnny Proctor 84-85–169

Jim Massey 82-88–170

Ed Beslow 93-77–170

Gary Lanzen 82-89–171

Steve Johnson 88-83–171

Burke Cahill 91-81–172

Larry Hanes 85-88–173

Lee Mott 92-82–174

Jimmy Tucker 91-84–175

Mike Bridges 86-90–176

Gary Franzen 92-86–178

Allen Richardson 93-89–182

Rodger Reeves 90-92–182

Chris Redd 101-82–183

Tom Khamis 91-93–184

Richard Walsh 94-93–187

Leo May 95-94–189

Bill Montgomery 102-89–191

Tom Tollen 101-99–200

Scott Walker 103-98–201

Net Division

Scott Godino 78-73–151

John Garrett 76-76–152

Leo May 77-76–153

Steven Fink 81-73–154

Brian McShane 81-74–155

Mike Bridges 76-80–156

Danny Ganier 77-80–157

Tom Hy land 78-80–158

Ron Ramsey 80-79–159

Chris Redd 89-70–159

Lee Mott 85-75–160

Burke Cahill 85-75–160

Douglas Pool 79-81–160

Terry Payne 79-81–160

Paudie O’Connor 83-77–160

Ron Masse 83-77–160

Kevin Parrish 86-76–162

Ed Beslow 89-73–162

Steve Paulsen 86-77–163

Bob Martin 82-81–163

Jim Massey 79-85–164

Johnny Proctor 82-83–165

Richard Walsh 83-82–165

Larry Hanes 81-84–165

Lance Baral 81-85–166

Jimmy Tucker 87-80–167

Steve Johnson 87-82–169

Tom Khamis 84-86–170

Gary Franzen 88-82–170

Rodger Reeves 85-87–172

Gary Lanzen 83-90–173

Allen Richardson 90-86–176

Bill Montgomery 96-83–179

Tom Tollen 91-89–180

Scott Walker 98-93–191


Desert Sol Table Tennis League

Group 1

1. Steve Harris

2. Rick W.

3. Bruce Bengston

4. Meredith Lu

5. Gabriel Johnson

Group 2

1. Tony Gumataotao

2. Buddy Caple

3. Charles Johnson

4. Robert Johnson

5. Daniel Lu

Group 3

1. Scott Lehemann

2. Geri Grodzinsky

3. Joe Grandea

4. Ken Cruz

Group 4


1. Henry Blankenship/Steve Harris

2. Erhan Dincer/Rick Campbell

3. Brian Hayes/Paul Servize

4. Chang Ma/Amnon Rosenberg

5. Jackie Blankenship/Tony Gumataotao

6. Joseph Piraci/Jeff Rolls


Las Vegas Senior Softball Association

Team W L

Blasters 13 6

Bombers 10 9

Geezers 8 10

Bums 7 13


Farmers Insurance/Sun City Summerlin Softball League

American Division

Team W L

Fantastic Swap Meet/Comfort Keepers 16 14

Nevada State Bank/Recovery Medical 16 14

Sunrise Realty/Edward Jones 14 18

National Division

Team W L

Imperial Capital Bank/Audiology Assoc. 27 7

The Walters Group/Templeton Gaming 15 15

Farmers Ins. Group/Neptune Society 6 26



Local Bowling Honor Roll


280+ Game

Name Pins Location

Jay Zornow 300 Suncoast

Joe Vassallo 300 Gold Coast

Brian Whittington 300 South Point

Jay Zornow 300 South Point

Jameel Mutee 300 South Point

Dave Haigler Jr. 300 Red Rock

Henry Ross Jr. 290 Red Rock

Barett Lee 290 Red Rock

Guy Sheets 290 South Point

Brian Alexander 290 Gold Coast

Kerry McDivrtt 289 Gold Coast

Lou Coehlo 289 South Point

Barett Lee 288 Red Rock

Ralph Gonzalez 288 South Point

Desmond Kuresa 287 Gold Coast

Randy Parker 286 Suncoast

Scott Bitters 286 Suncoast

Gary Barnson 286 South Point

Keith Held 286 South Point

Mike Caverley 285 South Point

Mike Clemence 280 Gold Coast

R.J. Yadad 280 Gold Coast

720+ Series

Name Pins Location

Barett Lee 822 Red Rock

Jameel Mutee 792 South Point

Brad Newhouse 784 South Point

Jerad Faulkenborg 781 Suncoast

Dan Emmett 781 Gold Coast

Dave Haigler Jr. 773 Red Rock

Brian Leighhow 770 Red Rock

Brian Whittington 768 South Point

Jay Zornow 758 South Point

Reginald Esguerra 754 Suncoast

Jit Landram 754 South Point

Dan Emmett 752 Gold Coast

Keith Held 752 South Point

Jeff Walsh 751 South Point

Doug Beaudry 751 Red Rock

Charlie Whitaker 750 Red Rock

Joe Vassallo 742 Gold Coast

Calvin Rufus 742 South Point

Mike Monyak 741 South Point

Eric Jensen 740 Gold Coast

Henry Ross Jr. 737 Red Rock

Ryan Akagi 736 South Point

Murray Hickman Sr. 734 Gold Coast

Lou Coehlo 732 South Point

Adam Ishman 731 Gold Coast

John Collins, III 731 South Point

Alal Frederick 728 South Point

Jim Eklund 726 Gold Coast

Paul Steiner 724 Suncoast

Mike Caverley 723 South Point

Desmond Kuresa 722 Gold Coast

Ron Dias 722 Gold Coast

Wally Fellman 721 Gold Coast

Mike Procaccino 721 Red Rock

Andrew Graff 721 Red Rock

Jeff Bryant 721 Red Rock

Randy Parker 721 Suncoast

George Pallas 721 Suncoast

Randy Parker 720 South Point


225+ Game

Name Pins Location

Mindi Futch 298 Gold Coast

Vicki Tatlow 279 Gold Coast

Channon Chevalier 278 Gold Coast

Erin Wilson 278 Gold Coast

Yvonne Rutherford 269 Gold Coast

Char Hammel 268 Gold Coast

Linda DeCamp 268 South Point

Connie Pofahl 267 Suncoast

Carli Wickman 266 South Point

Kim Bannister 263 South Point

Jessica Uriarte 257 Suncoast

Char Hammel 256 Gold Coast

Channon Chevalier 256 Gold Coast

Marissa Lucero 247 Red Rock

Shirley Bruss 247 Gold Coast

Jennifer Balidio 246 Gold Coast

Mei Flannery 246 South Point

Hope Sullivan 245 South Point

Mindi Futch 245 Gold Coast

Annette Bryant 244 Red Rock

Len Alcaraz 243 South Point

Melissa Bunyarattaphant 241 Red Rock

Lyn Bordenka 238 Gold Coast

Carole Marra 238 South Point

Marissa Lucero 237 Red Rock

Brandy Moran 237 South Point

Kim Bannister 236 South Point

Hope Sullivan 236 South Point

Roe Reynolds 235 South Point

Leslie Whitaker 234 Red Rock

Char Hammel 234 Gold Coast

Annette Bryant 234 Red Rock

Clarissa Munoz 234 South Point

Roe Reynolds 233 South Point

Rachael Jones 232 South Point

Tanis Polar 232 South Point

Kim Bannister 231 South Point

Julia Melnar 226 Gold Coast

Carli Wickman 226 South Point

Channon Chevalier 226 Gold Coast

Terri Acedilla 225 Gold Coast

Raeann Wagner 225 Gold Coast

625+ Series

Name Pins Location

Channon Chevalier 760 Gold Coast

Mindi Futch 743 Gold Coast

Char Hammel 716 Gold Coast

Connie Pofahl 712 Suncoast

Carli Wickman 706 South Point

Hope Sullivan 697 South Point

Kim Bannister 691 South Point

Marissa Lucero 686 Red Rock

Linda DeCamp 676 South Point

Vicki Tatlow 661 Gold Coast

Roe Reynolds 659 South Point

Len Alcaraz 659 South Point

Clarissa Munoz 659 South Point

Brandy Moran 656 South Point

Erin Wilson 651 Gold Coast

Rachael Jones 642 South Point

Annette Bryant 642 Red Rock

Sheri Tucker 628 Suncoast

Connie Scott 627 South Point



Las Vegas Dawgs

The program is looking for three players between the ages of 6 and 8 to play on an 8u club team.

The team participates in tournaments in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

For more information, call Joe at 358-5062.

Las Vegas Coyotes

The Las Vegas Coyotes baseball club is looking for a few players for its 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14-year old teams.

The Coyotes play baseball year-round in local leagues and tournaments throughout the region.

For more information, or to request a tryout, go to the progam’s Web site at lvcoyotes.com or call Frank at 419-5717.


Triple Threat Youth Organization

The organization is recruiting girls and boys basketball players between 10 and 18 years old for its traveling teams.

For more information, visit the program’s Web site at triplethreatyouth.org or call Coach Glover at 391-3093.

Tarkanian Basketball Academy

The TBA is accepting registrations for its spring basketball league for boys and girls in kindergarten through high school.

The league begins on Feb. 16 and runs through April 4.

Skills sessions will be held on Mondays through Wednesdays and all games will be played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the TBA’s facility.

Teams will be drafted on Feb. 20 and 21 and games will begin on Feb. 26.

Outside teams are always welcome.

For more information or to register, visit the TBA’s Web site at tarkbball.com or call 871-0096.

Southern Nevada Bsketball Association

The SNBA is accepting registrations for its upcoming adult basketball leagues.

The leagues are open to men, women, and high school-aged players.

You may register as an individual or as part of a team.

There are morning leagues on Saturdays and evening leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Leagues are starting now and registration is ongoing.

For more information, call Hank at 521-4638.


Las Vegas Ice Center

The Las Vegas Ice Center is accepting registrations for its Learn to Skate program.

The class meets Mondays through Wednesdays, and on Saturdays.

The program runs for eight weeks and is open to beginner children and adults.

For more information, visit the LVIC’s Web site at lasvegasice.com or call 320-7777, ext. 103.


Wild West Football League

Several teams in the Wild West Football League are looking for players.

The WWFL is a tackle football league for adults.

The Henderson Wolverines are seeking players, while the Las Vegas Renegades are in dire need of linemen and coaches.

The Las Vegas Cobras need linemen and a quarterback.

For more information on the Renegades, call Coach Joe at (773)406-0278 or Coach Brandon at 278-2502.

For more information on the Wolverines, call Coach Kelly at 834-2025.

For more information on the Cobras, call Coach Mike at 642-9004.

City of Las Vegas Youth Flag Football

The city of Las Vegas Department of Leisure Services invites boys and girls ages 6 to 14 to participate in spring Saturday flag football leagues that begin March 14 and 21.

Participants will learn game fundamentals, teamwork and good sportsmanship while gaining self-confidence and improving their football skills.

Youth will play in age divisions 6 to 8, 9 to 11 and 12 to 14 years.

The weekly leagues continue for six weeks.

The cost is $65 and includes a jersey and participation award, instruction, weekly practice and weekly game.

Volunteer coaches are also needed.

Advance registration is required and parents must present a birth certificate when registering.

Football registration is open until leagues are full.

For more information and to register, call the location most convenient for you.


Brinley Community School–229-2642

Charleston Heights Community School–229-4440

Gibson Community School–229-5096

Lied Community School–229-5072

Molasky Community School–229-5345

Rafael Rivera Community Center–229-4600

Robison Community School–229-2542

Veteran’s Memorial Leisure Services Center–229-1100


Las Vegas Ice Center

The Las Vegas Ice Center is accepting registrations for its Hockey 1-2-3 program.

The class meets on Thursdays.

The program runs for eight weeks and is open to beginner children and adults.

For more information, visit the LVIC’s Web site at lasvegasice.com or call 320-7777, ext. 103.


City of Las Vegas Adult Softball Leagues

Adult coed and men’s softball teams ages 21 and older are invited to register for evening and Saturday leagues beginning March 9.

The leagues will begin play the week of April 6.

Registration will remain open until leagues are filled or March 20.

Games will be played Monday through Saturday at Doc Romeo Park and at the Veteran’s Memorial Fields.

The registration fee is $475 per team, plus an annual $25 National Softball Association team sanction fee and $13 per game per team for umpire fees.

The leagues are administered by the city of Las Vegas Department of Leisure Services.

For more information, call (702) 229-1527.


Junior Team Tennis

Teams are now forming for the Junior Team Tennis league, which begins on March 2.

It is a recreational league for beginning to intermediate players under the age of 18.

Junior Team Tennis provides the chance to enjoy team competition against other local teams of similar age and skill level.

It is put on by the United States Tennis Associaiton in Southern Nevada.

For more information, call Rob Merriman at 792-8384.

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