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If the Astros play in a forest and nobody’s watching …

Somebody in Houston has to be watching the Astros games, right?

One would think.

But the ratings seem to indicate otherwise.

Monday afternoon’s broadcast of the Astros game against the Angels drew yet another 0.0 rating on CSN Houston.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that not a single television is tuned to the game. It just means not enough people tuned in to actually register on the ratings scale.

Kind of like when the no-name jobber wrestlers off the street would try to run off the ropes and shoulder block Andre the Giant and he would just stand his ground and not even flinch.

David Barron of the Houston Chronicle unearthed an interesting note about this particular 0.0 rating, though.

Barron reports there are 579 Neilsen ratings boxes in use in Houston on Monday.

A grand total of zero of them were tuned into the Astros game.


That’s. Not. Good.

Somehow, the pregame show did draw a 0.2, so at least there’s that.

There was absolutely zero interest in that game. You know, sort of like The Masters when Tiger Woods doesn’t play.

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