In Case You Missed It: Tyson gives back Holyfield’s ear in Foot Locker commercial

Talk about setting things right with the world.

Foot Locker sets out to do just that in its newest commercial for its “Week of Greatness,” which is “a week of premium shoe releases.”

The commercial features the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving dreaming about what, in his mind, would be righted.

You have Mike Tyson apologizing to Evander Holyfield at his doorstep for the 1997 debacle that was a boxing match, offering back Holyfield’s ear as a peace offering.

“It’s your ear,” Tyson says sheepishly. “I kept it in formaldehyde.”

Then it cuts to Dennis Rodman at the airport booking a one-way flight to North Korea., much to the delight of those in earshot.

“He’s never coming back,” announces an overjoyed onlooker.

Famous sideline reporter Craig Sager is seen tossing his trademark eccentric coats into a bonfire.

“Goodbye, old friends,” he says sulkingly.

Then Brett Favre, known for his on-again/off-again retirements, finishes off a piece of pie with this quip: “A man’s got to know when to walk away.”

Yep, that about sets things straight.

Now, if only the Miami Dolphins could hug things out.

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