LEFTOVERS: Rihanna’s Cup tweets all over map

The sadness of England’s World Cup wasn’t limited to the United Kingdom.

Pop star Rihanna was rooting on the Three Lions and took to her popular Twitter account during the disappointing loss to Uruguay on Thursday to express her support, as well as her dismay at the eventual 2-1 loss.

Her best analysis came after Uruguay’s Luis Suarez scored his second of two goals to essentially drive the final nail in England’s coffin.

“Man they know better than to give Suarez that much room bruh!,” she tweeted.

She was right. Ri-Ri also got the feeling England’s offense was going to have trouble finding the back of the net, which proved prophetic.

“Uruguay defense is almost disrespectful!!! 2 good,” she posted.

She did get one brief moment of jubilation when Wayne Rooney finally broke his World Cup drought.

“Rooonnnnneeeeeyyy,” she posted.

In the end, Rihanna was left to “Cry” while it was on Suarez and Uruguay to “Take A Bow.”

Rihanna apparently bounced back and was rooting for Italy (a loser) and France (a winner) on Friday.

She often has been linked to notorious bandwagon fan Drake, so don’t be shocked if she continues to switch allegiances until she ends up on the winning side for the finals.

■ DAT DRUNK DUDE — Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips was getting heckled incessantly during a game at Pittsburgh on Wednesday, but he found a good way to deal with it.

The social media star second baseman wrote a message on a ball and delivered it to the intoxicated fan, who repeatedly called Phillips slow and said first baseman Joey Votto had “hips wide enough to birth twins.

“Dear Drunk Guy, Thank you for all the love and support. Now take this ball and shut the (expletive) up. From Yours Truly, Brandon Phillips,” the inscription read.

Phillips then posed for a selfie with the fan, which he put on Twitter. The fan clearly held no ill will toward Phillips.

“Thanks for the ball last night. I don’t really think you’re slow but Votto definitely has wide hips.”

■ TWITTER FIGHT — Two aging media personalities found themselves in a spat this week over the ongoing debate about the use of the Redskins for Washington’s NFL franchise.

SiriusXM sports radio host Chris “Mad Dog” Russo defended the use of the name on his show and on social media.

“The Redskins has been the team name for 80 years and all of the sudden we are going to make a big deal about it,” he posted. “Why do we only hear about those offended by Redskins name when there are plenty of Native Americans who think its a badge of honor.”

ESPN personality Keith Olbermann, a longtime outspoken critic of the use of the name, responded to the tweet.

“Hey @MadDogUnleashed — I did my first commentary on the wrong of #Redskins in 1978. Don’t assume your insensitivity and ignorance are normal,” Olbermann replied.

Russo responded by inviting Olbermann on the show to debate the issue, which he declined. So Russo tried to mock the longtime Sportscenter partner of Dan Patrick, one of the biggest stars on sports radio.

“My apologies, Keith. I didn’t know radio was so beneath you,” Russo posted. “Your old partner seems to be doing quite well with radio. Keith is big tiiime!”

It all ended with a final shot from Olbermann: “I do radio shows with LISTENERS.”


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