Kudos to Graney, Tiger for not fanning flames

To the sports editor:

Thank you to Ed Graney for his column on the criticism of Tiger Woods (“Woods lays up instead of driving point home,” Jan. 19) and for not fanning the flames of controversy over Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman’s inadvertent comment.

It was a class act for Woods to describe her remark as a nonevent. Generally, the media focuses on society’s few extremists who milk a controversy for all it’s worth.

We need more celebrities like Tiger Woods, who will just let it go, and more journalists like Ed Graney, who approve of that approach.


Shame on Graney for disparaging Wyoming

To the sports editor:

As a Wyoming transplant, I can’t believe the Review-Journal’s Ed Graney would resort to name-calling in his column on the UNLV-Wyoming basketball game (“Wink helps avoid eye-opening loss,” Jan. 24), referring to the Cowboys as a “second-rate opponent” and saying they “stink.”

These players are 18 and 19 years old, not adults playing professional basketball for money, so why so harsh?

While I understand Mr. Graney is entitled to his opinion, I am entitled to not read his work. That will be the case from now on.


Hawk will eat crow for dissing upstart Giants

To the sports editor:

I have been a New York Giants fan longer than “Rants & Raves” columnist Joe Hawk has existed on this planet. For him to dismiss the Giants in his column last week (“Doing chores more exciting than watching Patriots win Snoozer Bowl,” Jan. 22) was wrong.

Hawk had me fooled for some time in that I actually enjoyed his columns. But has he heard of the phrase “On any given Sunday?”

While Hawk will be “doing his taxes” on Super Bowl Sunday, I’ll be watching my Giants knock Patriots pretty boy Tom Brady around.

Giants 24, Patsies 14.


To the sports editor:

My first question after reading Joe Hawk’s “Rants” column suggesting a Patriots rout of the New York Giants in the Super Bowl was, “Did he bump his head on the way into work that morning?”

Would the NFL’s biggest disgrace of 2007, the New England Cheaters, be in the Big Game without cheating their way in? The NFL blew it after Spygate. The league should have suspended the Patriots for the rest of the season and called every win to that point a “no-game.”

What message does this send to all of us? Cheating is OK, as long as you win?

For Hawk to deny the Giants credit for their terrific season was, by itself, stupid.


Matchup in Super Bowl figures to be Fox dream

To the sports editor:

I never thought I would see the Giants in the Super Bowl this year. Tight end Jeremy Shockey was hurt, running back Brandon Jacobs was nicked up, and quarterback Eli Manning wasn’t playing well. But here they are.

Still, Joe Hawk’s prediction of the Patriots winning 41-14 might be conservative. It could be so lopsided I might watch it with closed eyes.

However, it will be a Super Bowl-palooza for Fox, with the New York and Boston markets involved. The game might be one of the most- watched Super Bowls ever.


The Review-Journal welcomes letters from its readers. Letters should be 100 words or less and must include the author’s name and phone number. Send letters to: Letters to the Sports Editor, Las Vegas Review-Journal, P.O. Box 70, Las Vegas, NV 89125-0070. Letters also can be e-mailed to: jhawk@reviewjournal.com.

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